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Breaking Prophecy News; Christian Resurrection from the Dead, Pt 1 (TPDR 432)

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Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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PROPHECY HEADLINES: 6.9-Magnitude quake hits southern Mexico and Central America; 3 dead | Israel doubts nuclear deal with Iran will be made | Hamas threatens to attack "all" of Israel with rockets | Pro-Russian rebels prepare to make a stand as Ukraine forces press in | Israel strikes sites in Gaza Strip

PROPHECY BOOTCAMP: "The Christian Resurrection from the Dead (Part 1)" from Dr. Tim LaHaye 

Belief in life after death is not unique to Christianity. It is so ingrained into human intuition that nearly every religion in the world is built on that expectation -- as though the Creator wanted man to know that once born, human beings are eternal. From the primitive tribesmen of the jungles to the sophisticated Oriental mystics, virtually every tradition has some system of belief in the afterlife.

For some people, like the American Indians, it is just another life in “the happy hunting grounds.” For others, such as Hindus, it is a complex series of afterlives in a higher or lower caste system here on earth, depending on how a person lived. The good come back in a higher caste; the bad come back in a lower one. The Parsis of India wear masks over their mouths so they won’t swallow a gnat and by chance inhale their grandfather, who happened to be such a degenerate that he came back in the bug caste.

Christianity tells without a doubt the most beautiful story of life in the afterlife -- for believers. Our Bible gives far more interesting and believable details about the next life than any other religion. That should not be surprising since only Christianity has a Bible that came from God Himself, some parts of which were revealed personally by His own Son, who said, “I am come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly. 

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