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A Message to the Third Estate

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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Messages to the Estates of the Realm, #3
Daniel Whyte III

TEXT: John 4:5-15

Today, we come to the third message in our series titled, "Messages to the Estates of the Realm." As we covered in our first two messages, the "estates" refers to the historical system of dividing society. There is the first estate, which is the clergy; the second estate, which is the government; the third estate, which is the people; the fourth estate, which is the press; and the fifth estate, a relatively new term, which refers to the way news and information is being distributed nowadays via blogs, social media, etc.

We have already dealt with God's message to the first and second estate. Today, I want to share with you what I believe God would have to say to the members of the third estate -- everybody in society who is not a part of the church leadership structure or the governmental leadership structure. In years gone by, we would use the word "commoners." When Jesus Christ began teaching in Israel, the Bible tells us that the "common people heard Him gladly." The religious leaders hated Him, the government didn't pay too much attention to Him, but the Bible says in Mark 12:37 that "the common people heard him gladly." They said to each other, "this man teaches as one having authority and not as the scribes (or religious leaders)."

And, today, God is still speaking to common people everywhere. God does not view the members of the third estate as less than the members of the first or second estate. Each estate simply has a different role in society. So, allow me to share with you from God's word a message for the third estate.