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GLMX #153: What to Do When Death Glances at You

  • Broadcast in Christianity
Daniel Whyte III

Daniel Whyte III


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Has death ever glanced at you? Has death ever taken a good, long look at you? If you know what I'm talking about, your answer is probably, yes. In other words, have you ever been in a serious car accident and somehow miraculously come out alive? Have you ever been asleep at night when a fire broke out at your house, but you and your family somehow got out alive? Have you ever had a tornado to rip through your community, and for some weird reason it skips your house, but destroys everything around you? Have you ever had the eerie experience of watching a tragedy unfold on TV at some place where you were supposed to be that day but because you overslept or couldn't get out of the house fast enough just happened not to be there. That is what I mean by staring death in the face. It is at times like these when we are forced to confront the reality of our mortality.

At such times, which most of us will experience in life, what do you choose to do? I am afraid that most people run away from the seriousness of these situations as fast as they can. They bury themselves in recovering and rebuilding. They turn a blind eye to the reality of what they have experienced. They know that they have narrowly escaped death, but they do not want to face the fact of how close they came.

I believe that when these events happen, we should take a different approach. At times like these, when death stares us in the face, instead of running, we should stare back. We should take a good, long look at death, and realize three things.

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