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Citizen Journalist, Political life coach, and remedial education for those who attended public skool. Monday Wednesday and Friday. Conservative commentary from Gunnison Co.

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Iran and a nuke is the greatest question ever poised before humanity
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Drone Revenge, Petulant Obama, Record snow, Facebook Muslims, Dog Charity's, Depression Allergy, Rosta man speaker, Boko Haram, Skippy& the King, Sheila Jackson, Ted Cruse, Obama Hates Israel, Vote Fraud, Limousine... more

The King is dead, Christian-phobia, Black Genocide, FBI, Democratic arrested, Obama fake Prop, Blame Whitey, Native Judge, Ferguson II, Black Savages, MLK, Political Game Show, Fake problems,

State of the State, Snow in Florida, Gitmo, Pope Dummy,37.3% Unemployment, Texas Style Muslims, No-go zone, Citizens United, Billy Crystal, Milton Friedman, World War III, Reality on stilts

The I-TiT, Ultimate Black Swan, Hypocrisy on Stilts, Stand with the Prophet, Turbo Stupid, New Spy, Jane Fonda, Old Normal, Jimmy Carter, Free Skool, Americas Comeback, Arrest Obama, Woody Allen, National Debt. Dumb in Detroit, and... more

New Heart, Kevlar, Cancer & Pot, Texas Muslims, New Beach, Liberal Genocide, TPP, Evil La Raza, Free Speech Act of War, Black Patriots, Allah Akbar, Black Beauty,

Gay Pride, French Justice, Gun Bans, Deadly Drink, Marxism 1934, Hillary Lies, Fake March, Crazy Mayor, Conservative Blacks, Sports Riot, Muslim Insanity, Drudge, Butthole Licking, Ted Cruz, Marie Harf, John Kennedy,

Day of Defiance, Obama loves Islam, Free College, $2gal, Black Jury, Anonymous, Bill Cosby, Native slave traders, UN Crazy,Nora Neale Hurston, Voitaire, Bill Maher, Bo Snerdly, Gerbers,

crestone colorado, democratic sex,federal reserve, gun rights, hillary clinton, creepy vp, benghazi, southern dna,

Economy, Mr.Speaker, Race baiters,

Losing your head in the Middle East,
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