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Citizen Journalist, Political life coach, and remedial education for those who attended public skool. Monday Wednesday and Friday. Conservative commentary from Gunnison Co.

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Are going to see WWIII

is time to panic?...

crazy stuff..

ISIS Beheads Journalist, Ferguson Mith, Jesse Jackson Shakedown, Do Nothing Democrats, Importing Criminals, Christians Genocide, Evil Teachers, Cop Cams, Student Lab Rats, Redskin vs Thinskins, Ferguson Fiction, Skippy Obama,... more

Truth Irrelevant, Acting White, Detroit Needs Guns, National Guard Ferguson, Pay 4 your own kids, Evil Media, Corruption on Stilts, New Black Panther Party, What a Story, Dixie Dialect, Cash to Vote, Black Out Monday, Slave Mart, Yazidi... more

New Black Panther Party, Black Reality Michel Brown Genital Giant?, Sheriff Darren Williams, Special Interest Money, Z0-Nation, Obama ISIS, Amnesty By Obama,90% Reduction of Males, Global Warm BS, Kennedy vs Obama, Sheriff... more

Rescue in Iraqi, Lunatics on Parade, France supports Kurds, Obama Flash Back, Jimmy Hendricks, War on Whites, Insanity on Stills, France Grows Spine, Skool Industry, 9/11 Inside Job, Welfare Drug Tests, DR. Ron Paul, Hollywood... more

War in Iraqi Again, Kurds get Arms, Hillary Turns on Obama, Rioting in Missouri, Islam and Peace, White House & Islam, Blacks Kill Rabbi, Reality with Congress, Obama the Whiner, Booker T Washington, 100 yr. War With Islam, Malcolm X,... more

news up date

Major General Harold Greene, War in Middle East, $33 Billion in African Aid, Doctors Hate ObamaCare, Microchip for You, Detention of Americans, Aministy for Christians in France, Socialism vs Capitalism, Right to Farm, Allen... more
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