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Citizen Journalist, Political life coach, and remedial education for those who attended public skool. Monday Wednesday and Friday. Conservative commentary from Gunnison Co.

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World on the brink

Our worlds going mad, obama keeps hating on Israel, Russia befriends Egypt, when telling the truth becomes hate speech, you are in real trouble of losing your Liberty, george orwell, Star Bucks indoctrination java Nazis,, Liberals controlling... more

crestone, obama, peace

Dems thrown Hillary under the bus,

Waiting for a Democrat to suggest that the Republicans cut the Secret Service budget in order to endanger President Obama's life...Obama admits he loves Islam more than the USA

The Progressive/Socialist/Corporate Statist over the last 30 years have convinced a sizable number of us that Christianity is bad, and now they are trying to convince us that Islam is not all that bad.

Hillary is in hiding

Capitialism has never trully been tried.

Obama supports Iran's nuclear ambitions, says he will 'go it alone with or with out the US Congress.' Hillary out of control, Senior Iran Cleric vows to raise Flag of Islam over White House, Michelle Obama," Founding Fathers not Born in... more
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