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Citizen Journalist, Political life coach, and remedial education for those who attended public skool. Monday Wednesday and Friday. Conservative commentary from Gunnison Co.

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Diversity on Stilts,

President Obama blows his stack at the GOP, United States Supreme Court legalizes, "Free Black Days," at public accommodation establishments. Mulattoes will have to pay half price, Whites will have to pay double, and Latinos can pay... more

Obama lives in his own world, Iran deal falling apart, Economy failing, Stock Market Crash Coming,

Muhammad never existed, Muslim Food Stamps, Children invade southern border again, Iraq caught crossing southern border, Condi Rice, Bill O'Reilly and Al Sharpton are Loons,

Did Muhammad ever Exist, Obama loses temper, Impeachment back on the table, Iran Hates the USA, White House Hack Attack, Religious Freedom=Slavery, McCain runs for Reelection, Brian Williams Brain Tumor, NY Illegal Voters,

Academic White Trash, Israel Fighting to Exist, Fidel Castro Appears, Muslims Hate Jews, Illegal Aliens Kill, Payback Obama Style,Our President is an ass,We tolerate to damn, much economy tanking

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Russia and Iran team up against the moderate Arab League's efforts in Yemen, while at the same time Obama teams up Iran against Israel. Businesses in the USA have a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason...

Middle East unified against Obama

World on the brink
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