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"True Word Ministries" is an Apostolic based bible study talk show program. It is designed to enlighten and empower God's people with Powerful yet basic Biblical truths. Our goal and focus is to strengthen people to be able to walk out and live a Victorious life in Christ. God's people perish for a lack of knowledge and so we are focused in equiping people with the Revelation knowledge of the word of God, and not private interpretation of man. Please feel free to contact us if you desire us to come and speak for your assembly or event. Much love and prayers. Apostle DC Lemon

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There will allways be those who will look for the worste in others. But Jesus declared that he whom is without sin should cast the first stone.

God will never give us more truth if we aren't willing to recieve what He releases or impars to us. Our next level is found in our willingness to obey what He says through His Word.

There comes a point in time where that wich God has purposed to do in the spirit becomes visable in the natural. Step out in faith and watch God bring to pass his promises in your life.

Anounced later PRAYER

Gods gifts in the body of Christ are just that, "A Gift". It is for His glory and body. It was never inteded by him for personal gratifacation or exaultation.Keep real, keep it Holy!

Gideon was a man that God Himself referred to as a mighty man of Valour. He was a great example of a courageous man. One whom all people can follow after ~

Learning to pray ~

Sunday Morning Worship ~

Sunday Morning Worship ~
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