Dancing with the light

Dancing with the light


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It is my mission to share our personal stories regarding Spirituality, life, love, relationships and sex. We will also cover society norms, culture, dreams, visions, spiritual gifts and so on.

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Today we will discuss healing from failed relationships. 1. How do I find the stregnth 2. How can I stop placing blame on myself and my ex friend or lover 3. When is it okay to forgive myself and others? Is right now too soon? 4. How do I... more

Today we will discuss what it means to live abundantly. What it means to live a full life and how to achieve goals. How to set goals and live in flow of the universe. The Intention of this program is to teach you all how to not suffer while... more

Today we will disucss what it means to break the shell. How do we begin to break our shells of our pain, ego? We will also discuss breaking the shells in our broken relationships, our finances and our very exisitance.

Good Moring Love bugs! On this wonderful day we will discuss What does it means to live the "American Dream", Also I want to have an open, candid conversation about The ego perception of "Hard Work."

Today we are going to discuss the challenges black gay men in America face. Social media, life style, spirituality and deep understanding.

Recently I have been able to see myself and my entire life clearly. I have been able to release the need to live out my ego.In turn God is showing me a completely different way on how to be in the world.

Good Afternoon love bugs! Today we will discuss being Fierce and Fabulous and what it means to emobody these traits. We will cover conquering our personal power to create also the power of the divine that is within us by grace. Are you... more

Today we are covering Finding your calling in life, Your lifes purpose, your mission as spirit in human form. How do we find a career that is in alignment with our souls purpose. How can I play the "game" and still be spiritual? Should... more

This morning we will discuss New agers and poltics and how we can make a difference in this world. I will always answer questions some of you may have for me.

It's 2014 and you have your plans set, your goals laid out, your vision boards up. You have a positive attitude but it quickly fades after a few days. You start over again and again and now you feel like this is your entire life's story. Maybe you... more