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Creating Passion-Driven Teams


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Join best-selling author Dan Bobinski as he helps you tap your team's natural motivations to get sustained top performance. Learn to build Passion-Driven Teams!

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How well can you resolve conflict? People resolve conflict in different ways. A bully might say "I can resolve confict just fine," but usually the conflict is resolved ONLY in the bully's mind. A non-assertive person might even say that the best... more

In 2009, the Center for Workplace Excellence conducted a survey in cooperation with Management-Issues.com to learn what people thought were the most difficult situations for true listening. The primary question was "When do you find it most... more

Many people use phrases that they THINK are bulding trust, but are actually diminishing it. And you are probably using those phrases! In this installment of Creating Passion-Driven Teams, author Dan Bobinski explores those... more

Join author Dan Bobinski as he explores the seven deadly sins of (not) listening. Most of us commit at least one, and usually more!Why should you know this? Millions of dollars are wasted and many relationships are damaged every day... more

Millions of dollars are wasted and many relationships are damaged every day because of poor listening. Most of us think we're good listeners, but when given the opportunity to prove ourselves, we often fall short. Why? Because few of... more

You get promoted, and everyone congratulates you. If you're lucky, you get to attend a management training workshop. But for many people, the nuances of "what's expected" are left blank -- which leaves you wondering about how to be... more

When people get promoted, they move to a different level in the organization. This requires a different level of thinking, too. Unfortunately, too many people get promoted without learning how to think at their new level. Tune in as Dan... more

So much management training focuses on the hard skills of management: Budgeting, scheduling, project planning, etc. These are vital skills, but they're not the core of what's needed to build engaged, passionate teams. Different... more

Thankfully, many managers are eager to learn how to be better when given the chance. But some managers couldn't care less about improving their team building skills, and they’re often unaware of the damage that mindset brings to... more