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Dana Morningstar

Chronically Mommy & Now Read My HIPS!


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I have psoriatic arthritis, avascular necrosis of the hips, knees, and shoulders, fibromyalgia, sjogrens, and osteopenia (among other things). I had my left hip replaced at age 29, my right shoulder replaced in 2010, at age 35. I had my right hip replaced in May 2012. I still need to have the other 3 joints affected by AVN replaced. My husband and I adopted Michael in 2010. I am an empath, a medical intuitive and an energy healer. Whether you have JA, are a parent of someone with JA, or care for someone with JA, I am looking for Guest Bloggers every month! I am also looking for personal stories about those with AVN, Autoimmune Arthritis, fibromyalgia, and/or any chronic pain conditions every single month! If you have a Personal Story you would like to share, please email your story to Dana at Dana.GAGAIntrospective@outlook.com with your title, blog name and URL, your name as you would like it published on my two blogs and on my Facebook Pages, Twitter, etc. If you do not have a blog, that is OK, you can still share your story, simply send me your story in a Word Document with your picture attached and I will put it into my blog for you. It is that simple. Also, I am launching a new Arthritis Group in the GA area to team up with JAers. We will start a mentor group and a transition program. If interested, please contact me at Dana.GAGAIntrospective@outlook.com. I have the website but it is not up and running. You may take a look around to get a feel for what it will be like online. The Georgia Generations Arthritis Introspective will be a local group in the Atlanta area but anyone will be able to be a part of it online. Take a look at the GAGAIntrospective http://GAGAIntrospective.weebly.com and follow me @GAGAAMovement.

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Life coming home after a total hip replacement...

Autoimmune Arthritis. Sjogren's. Psoriatic Arthritis. What happened? The first ever World Autoimmune Arthritis Day, 47 hour virtual event May 19-21!!!

Chronic pain. Autoimmune Arthritis diseases. Psoriatic Arthritis. Sjogren's. I will be doing my show tomorrow @ 4 pm ET. My son isn't feeling well & it is going to be difficult to do the show tonight. We will talk tomorrow about what to expect... more

OK, yes I know, I change the day for my show WAY too much! Well, we all know that Chronic Pain, Disability, and Autoimmune Arthritis Diseases are extremely unreliable. We cannot plan our lives too far in advance due to so much being... more

I had to reschedule my Saturday Show. Please listen to my show Live on Sunday at 11:30pm ET. Call in to the Live show tomorrow~(714) 459-3943. The topic will be about something that many of us have experienced, I'm sure. Have you... more

Chronic pain. Autoimmune Arthritis diseases. Psoriatic Arthritis. Sjogren's. I Never Knew What I Feared The Most Until I Became A Mommy... World Autoimmune Arthritis Day (WAAD)

Chronic pain. Autoimmune Arthritis diseases. Psoriatic Arthritis. Sjogren's. Feeling sorry for yourself, being a victim, or just venting? How do you know when you are going to far? When can you call it venting? Does it make a difference... more

Chronic pain. Autoimmune Arthritis diseases. Psoriatic Arthritis. Sjogren's. This show is on a special night~Sunday, same time 11:30pm ET. Sorry, had to resched for Sunday. Husband out of town and cannot get son to sleep. Please tune in.... more

Chronic pain. Sorry it has been so long. I have been sick. 3/2/12 were storms, and I was unable to log on to BTR. I hope you all join me on 3/16/12. Not sure what we will talk about...Let's just wing it!

Chronic Pain...I recently had an eye opening experience. I had to go to the ER! I found out that the U.S. has no idea how to deal with patients with Chronic Pain conditions like autoimmune arthritis in an ER setting! please call in if you have... more
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