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Patriots Rising

Dan and Rich


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Patriots Rising is a program calling us to remember who we are and act to keep our freedoms and to hold our representatives accountable to the people. We hold these truths to be self-evident. That all are created equal and endowed with the right to live and be free. In this show we will look at the great documents and words that call us to freedom and you will be invited to make your own decision based on the history of the past and the facts that make up our present.

On-Demand Episodes

Patriot's RisingThirty Minutes to Midnight (Eastern Time) Due to an ongoing situation this episode will be aired on next Monday. My apologies for any inconvenience.) On Monday we will discuss the new information that has arisen... more

Patriot's RisingThirty Minutes to Midnight (Eastern Time) Monday May 6th, we will look at "What Happened to America" - has anything changed and, if so, what. What is the current state of freedom and its decay in America. We will look at... more

Patriot's Rising is back in Thirty Minutes to Midnight (Eastern Time) brining alive the question of human rights and answering questions as to where these rights rightfully come from. Can they be taken away? If so how? Join the conversation... more

Patriot's Rising-30 Minutes to Midnight(Eastern Time). Tonight we look at CISPA and help you to learn the easiest ways to contact your Senators and Congressmen. Once you learn this your representatives will be no farther away... more

Patriot's Rising is back with a show beginning at 30 Minutes to Midnight(Eastern Time). Tonight we will continue our programming by discussing questions raised in the "story" developing around the Boston Bombing and the Lockdown... more

There has been much talk about various -isms today and how they affect our lives. But is there truly an American way? Surprisingl\y the founders had a great deal to say to us about a free economy for a free people. Can the government... more

We have heard everything from godly founders to atheist founders of our country. Lets let their own words speak for them. We will look at those today.

Tonight we will be giving background on the Arab Israeli History of Conflict and trying to set the stage for things that are developing in the Middle East. Join us as we explore developing situations and look at the recent way this loyal ally of... more

OK, I only have so much room for the Title. We need to take a look at the emply political rhetoric that is polluting our airwaves. Lets bring actions to light. Also, we will take a look at home town politics and plants who have been hired to... more

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