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The talk show where NO TOPIC is off limits. Entertainment, politics, current events, relationship issues, parenting, sexual content, music, sports, social issues, etc. Tune in & listen to Dante-The Dark Knight & co-hosts Darla & Rome as we bring it to you in a direct & humorous commentary.

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This week's talking points: Homosexuality & Discrimination-Why are people so uncomfortable with it to the point they treat them with disdain? Isn't it no different than racism?/The Rev. Jesse Jackson comments concerning Cleveland Cavs... more

This week we say good-bye to our beloved co-host, Sharra. Our talking points will be "Guilt by Association" if you associate with people who are morally suspect are you as bad as they are? We'll also talk about TheDarkKnight's iPhone 4... more

This is a replay of our debut broadcast. It was funny, entertaining & thanks to you, a success! Sit back & re-live the show that started it all! (THIS IS A REBROADCAST PLEASE DO NOT CALL IN)

Special guest host relationship coach/speaker Chris Young. Talking points, "I married you but what about your kids? Navigating the challenges of dealing with stepkids." Also, "Do men really have committment issues?" & "Should women... more

Join us this week as we discuss the article "The Age of the Half-Ho: Women who sell sex for money part-time" & the Arizona Immigration Law is it fair or just legalized racial profiling? We will also ask should couples be friends & what do... more

This week's talking points: "Is there really a shortage of good men OR are women just TOO picky?" & "Would you STAY or STRAY if your mate was BAD in bed?" Join DarkKnight & Omar (Sharra's out hiking somewhere) along with Special... more

WE'RE BACK!!! Join us for our first show in a month as we took a "maternity leave" for our producer, Deja as she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. As a welcome back treat, we are answering some of our members questions... more

We're back for the second installment in our special series on sports while our regular crew is on "maternity leave." Join TheDarkKnight, Omar and special guest host Bird AKA "Jack Flash" along with special guests, coach of the Philadelphia... more

A rebroadcast of one of our more popular shows. Listen & enjoy our hosts as they ask the question: What boundaries should there be concerning opposite sex friendships & your relationship? Remember this is not a "live" show so please... more

This is a special edition of Damn It, Let's Talk & on this, show in the midst of a very busy sports schedule, we will be discussing everything on the sports scene today. The NFL draft, the McNabb trade, the EAGLES & your favorite team.... more
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