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Programa enfocado en temas de liderazgo y coaching para diseñar culturas laborales saludables. Se reflexiona sobre temas de efectividad personal, manejo del tiempo, cómo alcanzar las metas laborales, cómo alcanzar un balance entre el trabajo y el hogar, cómo desarrollar relaciones efectivas con los colegas, cómo lidiar con su jefe efectivamente.

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Andrea Gregoris, will share with us strategies on how to take care of our body at work, and what should we pay attention to, in order to take care of your body appropriately. Pasos (Steps) focuses on wellbeing at work, how to develop organizational cultures that promote results as well as personal welbeing, satisfaction and work/life balance. Thought leaders from all over the world share their experiences in a dialogue with Dr. Damian Goldvarg.
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Well Being of Leaders with Michelle Roy

Hendrik Backerra, a global consultant, facilitator and executive coach, will share his experience on leading deep change working with McKinsey, IBM, and other global organizations. He will answer: What is deep change? What leaders... more

Shae Hadden will share with us some insights from her book, The Blue Pearl, getting the most from coaching. How do you know when someone "gets" the blue pearl? Why write this book? Why now? How clients and coaches can benefit... more

?Creating Cultures of Cooperation; Getting into the zone of Good Mental Fitness?Presented by Keith Miller Interview to Keith Miller, PCC. We will explore: 1. History; what paradigm are we currently ?managing? and how did we... more

Andrea Gregoris will share strategies on how to take care of your body at work and how to develop strategies to keep ourselves healthy and energetic, paying attention to the needs of our body when working. Pasos (Steps) focuses on... more

Energy management is great for life and for functioning at work. What people often complaint to coaches about is lack of time. Dig a little deeper and you find that it is often something else: not prioritizing one's well being or what... more

"Getting In-The-Zone At Work & Eliminating Distractions". Interview to David Morelli. David Morelli has founded multiple successful companies, primarily focused on corporate & personal coaching, as well a non-profit. Due to his... more

Julio Olalla, MCC will share his perspectives of key global challenges people are facing in organizations. Julio is one of the coaching pioneeres in the world and has trained hundreds of coaches all over the world for the last twenty years.

Magda Mook will share her experience as CEO of the biggest coach organization in the world. What are the challlenges of managing a global organization with members in 120 countries? How to work with multiple stakeholders with different... more