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Dallas J. Moore

Dallas J. Moore


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The content of this show will be on branding, marketing, social media. I will talk about projects I'm working on, what you can do to better your business and events that I've gone to or that are upcoming.

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When searching for a job/career you need to know your value. For yourself you need to know what you want/need and how your going to get there. I will talk about my personal experience being laid off and job searching. Why being... more

Take the time and search for a quality job. Many will tell you, "just take a job". Depending on your situation that could be the worst thing you ever do. Instead of spending 40 hours a week job searching, spend 20 hours job searching or less... more

With the economy and job market where it is you have to be to yourself. As a "brand" you have to set guidelines for what you can and can't, will and won't do. Taking a job can be scary and not fun, but knowing what you want helps a lot.... more

Marketers and branding companies thinking the same and different. How in my eyes and mind marketing a business, product and service has changed. Is it change good, bad, faster or better? Many people have different angles, reasons... more

I will be talking about how we all need to think about what were doing and it's power. Taking time always to listen and learn from others. Ask the wrong questions and get the wrong answers. Ask the right questions, and learn. Gain... more

This show I will be talking about some of the little things I forget when trying to get organized. These little things I'm sure many forget about, they are important. I will also be talking about making sure you get the time away you need. There are... more

I will be talking about how there are some people who work a full time job, but outside of that have other opportunities and directions. Things that make them who they are and will help in their career development. This show I will focus... more

This show will focus on how to reach out to others to help them:grow, learn, become better, etc. It will also focus on how to engage and interact with others if that's not a strength you have. How to become part of the conversation... more

This show will be in response to a question by a listener. We will be talking about how to choose the right social networking sites for you, your business and your target market. We will touch on how to interact in those channels, and how to... more

I will be talking about things you can do to set yourself apart from others, how to do that, places to start and things to think about. I will also be talking about a way to visualize that brand in your eyes and in others.