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Halloween Jack and Dale Kay invite you to discuss all things Horror and Horror Hosting. Come into The Kreepy Kastle. Dale Kay is the host of Spookshow and Halloween Jack is the Host of The Haunted Theatre.

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Mr Halloween Jack and Dale Kay talk horror, horror hosts, monsters......you name it. Some weeks we will have special guests and other weeks we'll take your calls. Enter, the Kreepy Kastle!
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Those great character actors and actresses from your favorite classic movies. Call Dale and Jack to share your memories of the movies that could not have been quite as good without those B Listers. Dwight Frye, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Lionel... more

From oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, swamps and even puddles, we'll converse about all the wet monsters of your dreams.....and nightmares. Join Halloween Jack and Dale Kay as we go under water to visit with all you undersea monsters

Fellow Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award nominee (Honorable Mention) Derek Koch from Monster Kid Radio visits with The Kreepy Kastle. Join us as we find all about Monster Kid Radio.

Normally, we'd be celebrating like mad for our 2nd anniversary, but it is time to bow our heads as we say goodbye to a brave Horror Host who left us this week. Goodbye Garou, you were loved and respected.

Once again, Darkest Jack infiltrates The Kreepy Kastle to visit with the Krew. We'll talk about what DJ had been up to and all things dark and deadly.

Crazy doctors with big ideas that usually go wrong. Halloween Jack and Dale Kay review mad scientists and their looney plans.

Before TV Horror Hosts, there were Spook (or Ghost) Shows. Audiences thrilled to live performances in movie theaters that were featuring classic horror films. Showmen, magicians, gorillas and monsters scared the movie-goers and primed... more

Call Jack and Dale to talk about your favorite special effects makeup and the artists who applied them. From Lon Chaney Sr to Rick Baker, we'll discuss the frightening visages you love so well

How does one define "Monster Kid"? Halloween Jack and Dale Kay will share their idea, but we'd like to hear from you. Call in and share your definition. Are you a Monster Kid? What is the criteria.....and.....is it written in stone?..........or... more

Popular Horror Host Friz the Nite Owl invades The Kreepy Kastle. Right after the live show, go to Kreepy Kastle TV at www.kreepykastle.com and watch some classic Fritz! Horror Hosting at its finest only here, at The Kreepy Kastle.
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