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A voice in the wilderness

A voice in the wilderness


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This show goes deep in the scriptures for solid and convicting bible teaching, exciting news and end times prophecy talk, and all related subjects in the true biblical christian worldview. My hope is that this show brings glory to Jesus Christ and is fun, interesting and helps you grow closer to the Lord and blesses you! Bible teaching Thursdays @7 Pacific Standard Time Bible prophecy and news talk Sunday @7 Pacific Standard Time

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Things are not looking good in Syria with the US pentagon telling President Trump that the military is going to stay there right after he made the call to leave. There has also just been chlorine gas attacks there by Assad supposedly,... more

Three quakes just hit the San Andreas faultline and although they were minor and no one was injured, this could be a sign that the big one is close. Also are the global elite trying to cause World War 3 right now in the middle east? Also we... more

Turkey just announced that they want to form a 5 million man Jihadist army by forming an alliance with 57 nations to attack Israel. This would be the largest military force on the planet combining all of the world's Islamic countrie's... more

Infowars' youtube channel has come under attack by CNN telling people to flag their videos in order to get them shut down. Alex just posted his most recent video titled, "Is this the last video of Alex Jones on youtube" talking about how they... more

Turkey's president Erdogan has been calling to re-establish the Ottoman Empire which once ruled the world and has recently been saying that he wants to capture the Aegean islands of Greece and much of Europe. Also youtube and twitter... more

With the recent school shooting in Florida many liberals are calling for gun control once again. However anyone with common sense knows that banning gun control will not stop mass shootings. This plan to use school shootings to take away... more

On tonight's show we will talk about how mainstream media is not reporting on the slave trade in Sudan by the Islamic Caliphate. Also we will talk about the flu pandemic in America causing school shutdowns in 11 states and many deaths... more

In this episode we will discuss new technology coming to the forefront and the role that all this plays in the end times. With artificial intelligence coming into the public view people are being made comfortable to it even though there really... more

In this episode I am going to talk about something more important than any news, conspiracies, or end times prophecy. We usually talk all about news and end times but tonight im going to talk about how to obtain eternal life.

In this show we will be talking about the latest ICBM test by North Korea where it is now confirmed that they could hit anywhere in the US, and the tension this is causing with the largest US military excercise in history that is about to begin.... more