Corruption of the Mind

Corruption of the Mind


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This show is dedicated and based on the educational magic forum that is found in Traditional Ahrimanism. This religion is found only through the Dakhma.

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What is Traditional Ahrimanism and Daeva Worship? Dastur Adam Daniels did an intense email interview with Satanic Stones. This interview was personable with the Dastur and had him go over how Traditional Ahrimanism was created, and... more

Daeva and Pairaka are the male and female Arch-Demon to the devil Angra Mainyu. The term arch-demon is used as a common term to denote the ranking amongst the Devil's hordes. Just as Ahura Mazda has 7 Ahuras aka... more

Dastur Adam Daniels will discuss the topic of Catholic Exorcism, and demonic possession. Hollywood has been trying to link demonic possession to the parlor game known as an Ouija Board. This game was invented in 1890, and... more

Now that the Black Mass of Oklahoma is reached its pinnicle in the media, we will continue to move forward. For those who are unaware, part of constitution is: We shall call chaos into order in unison with the vexation brought about by the... more