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HWUNET Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

Signs and Wonders


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UPCOMING BROADCAST "Victory- Genesis 3:15 - Bye Bye Babylon!" February 15 2014. DO NOT MISS THIS BROADCAST. My name is Dawid Yacob a.k.a Plahu Yacob ZakiyYAH. The Broadcast is called Signs and Wonders an eye opening and deprogramming broadcast that came right on time. Listen to the broadcast called " Introduction, who am I?" for more information created on August 1 2010. Thank you for your interest, I hope you Listen, Deprogram, Regain your Power, Resisit and Join the Victory. All Praise AHYAH, YAHUAH our YAH.

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This is the most important broadcast I will ever make! The message you will hear will change everything you thought you knew about the children of The Most High. To say this is profound is an understatement. After this message you will see... more

IG.NO.RANT - | A - uninformed; unaware. B - lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact. C - lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man. D - showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.... more

In this broadcast I will discuss the name of The Most High. Then I will get into Project Megiddo, REX 84 and the King Alfred plan. How did this effect the so called blacks in Babylon AKA America? Join me to find out.

I would like to visit this important topic before I do another broadcast. Many may hear me criticizing Christianity and might think I am speaking against the WORD. Many Here me criticize the Holy Roman Catholic name Jesus and think I am... more

In this broadcast I will dig deep into the occult and the true power behind it all. I will speak on the no longer secret orders and how they destroyed this world and continue to divide and manipulate our societies. - [Internet is GOOD, but if... more

I would like to give an Analogy of the state of America. The fall of Babylon is at our heals, and the only why to survive is to acknowledge the ROOT. Because the ROOT is the cause.

So it is time to separate the Men from the children. On this broadcast I will discuss a topic that I waited to discuss until the opportunity presented it's self. That opportunity is now and long over due. The fall of BABYLON is present!... more

What was the purpose of the Covenant? What is a Commandment? And what is the Ark of the Testimony? Have you heard that the Egyptian book of the dead and the Commandments of Moshe are one and the same? Lets break down this... more

The reason why I named this broadcast this is because I am noticing a pattern with these Hollywood films. I recently seen the film The Book of Eli, and the whole story is laid out for you, but if you blink it will pass you by. I will speak about this... more

On this broadcast I will break down the Usurper Series take calls and join all of the loose ends together. For those who would like to call or join me on skype go to HebrewIsraelites.eu for contact information.
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