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SEO podcasts hosted by SEO Strategist Dagmar Gatell, helping successful entrepreneurs and experts be seen as the #1 authority in their niche with SEO Business Strategy.

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Everybody wants to gain higher rankings on Google. Preferred being positioned number one on a search engines results page (SERP). But ... what happens afterwards? You are ranked number one online. Does it automatically mean you gain more traffic and higher conversions on your website? Listen to this SEO podcast where SEO expert Dagmar Gatell speaks about the end goal of SEO, and what you want to have in mind when you develop your own customized SEO strategy. P.S. Click here to sign up for our FREE SEO audio training (MP3) and listen to the 7 fatal SEO mistakes successful entrepreneurs make when building their authority online (includes free access to my SEO article and audio library).
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What are the seven elements in this SEO strategy guide? Understanding and implementing them helps you to research, position, create, test, analyze and improve your online presence, traffic and ranking results. Listen to this SEO... more

What is an SEO strategy? SEO strategy isn't just one thing. It's many things. The best SEO strategy isn't cookie-cutter, it's one-a-kind based on your unique personality, skills sets, and business needs. Listen to this SEO podcast where... more

SEO strategies help you to get traffic and number one rankings, but guess what? If you are an entrepreneur, coach, trainer, speaker or expert, they also help you to build your authority and expert status on the internet. Do you have your SEO... more

MLM marketing aka multi-level marketing is all about selling products and creating a team to make money. Does it make sense to use SEO for a multi-level marketer? It's depending on which MLM marketer you are (or want to be). Tune... more