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Welcome to SimNation Radio show where SIM is a lifestyle. Here we will discuss basketball, video-games, life and how they intersect.

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Join us tonight as we talk Playstation 4 and what that means for sports gamers. We will also talk about All Star weekend and the Lackluster trade action as the deadline recently passed. Shamefully we must also talk Lakers AGAIN. LOL

Join us tonight as we discuss the winners and loosers in the Rudy Gay Trade. We will also get knee deep into the article on defense written by SimNationRadio Panel member Kushmir for Sportsgaming.... more

Join us tonight as we talk about the barriers to success. Have you achieved your dreams goals and aspirations ? If not Why not ? What is keeping you from living the life you desire ? We will examine that tonight with our panel and invite... more

Join us tonight an we discuss the pitiful Lakers AGAIN. I also want to talk about the Clippers of actually winning a title. NBA AllStar tickets have been punched. Who got the shaft and who made you laugh ? On the gaming front we... more

Join us tonight as we talk a little Lance Armstrong after his interview with Oprah. On the NBA front we will also be discussing the ALL Star Voting and who got left out. Will the LA Fakers make the playoffs and whatt should they do in the... more

Tonight we are going to talk about the concept of being a man. How do YOU define it ? What if any are the qualifications ? When you hear someone proclaim themselves a man what are you expectations ? We will talk about that concept... more

Join us tonight as we discuss the clusterbomb that is the LA Lakers as we ask callers to join us with WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS. A forum request will have us discuss an article by Sirlin... more

Join us tonight as we talk about building competitiveness in sports videogames. Or rather how do you foster that as a Developer.

Join us tonight as we discuss Django Unchained. We want to know how you felt about the movie. As our last show before the new year we also want to discuss resolutions vs goals and how to set them for success. We will also discuss... more

This week we want to discuss passing in video game basketball. What has worked in the past and what do we want to see in the future ? We will also discuss the article written by Jason Schreier of Kotku on a developers... more