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Our Spiritual Journeys show is a place where spiritual questions are asked and explored in an accepting, non-judgmental way. For us, religion and church do not seem to have the answers we are seeking. We are ordinary people who have not found a home in our birth religion or any church but still find ourselves on our own spiritual journeys. We love God and want to grow closer to him but we are not always sure how. We have a weekly topic. We ask our audience to share their Spiritual Journeys and to help us answer the many questions we have about God, religion, and spiritual.

On-Demand Episodes

Join me as I learn about 3 forms of meditation from our guest, Jim Donaldson. He will explain what the 3 kinds are, how to do them, and what the benefits are. And.....how can we find time in our busy lives to meditate? Is it really worth the... more

Topic: Angel Therapy (IET).....Win a free session! Brecka Burton returns to discuss her angel therapy work or IET! What is this? IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) is a unique form of healing that releases deeply-rooted patterns from... more

This week we're discussing how your evolving spirituality affects your career or your job. -As you become more spiritual……..do you look at your work differently? How about your clients/customers? Are you ever frustrated that the... more

The book, The Secret, tells us we can manifest anything we want in life. Have the right attitude and way of living and the world is yours! On the other hand, the book Sacred Contracts states we have a plan (or chart) for our lives before we come... more

Leslie Cody, spiritual medium, will be here to answer our questions about these special beings. We will be giving away 2 free readings with Leslie at the end of the show. (These can be done over the phone, so you don't have to live in the... more

My spiritual journey has taken me to places I never dreamed. I will share with you how I now understand Easter based on my new spiritual beliefs. I also want to explore this question: Is it possible Jesus survived the crucifixion? (I am... more

Like many of you, we had a religious wedding ceremony years ago. Now that I have moved away from religion and towards spirituality, I have these questions: -What is a spiritual marriage? -Would you say the same vows that you did once... more

Most of my life I worried about not going to hell. I never gave much thought to what heaven would be like.....it was just important to get there and not to "the other place." But, now I no longer live in fear of hell. So I can wonder, "What is... more

So we decide to reincarnate and come back here to earth. What do we decide before we come....our parents? our birthplace? our purpose? What? Our special guest, Brecka Burton (intuitive, energy worker, angel readre) will help us sort all... more

Who chooses our joys and struggles? Did God? Did we? Or is everything that happens to us simply random? Join us as we explore these interesting questions.