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Discussions on where we were, where we are and where we we may be going in changing world of universal rhythms. Live shows Thursday evenings at 8pm New York time, 5pm Pacific.

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Gudrun Buhler Singer / Actress discusses: From Stage to Virtual Media, How Has Performance Changed? Gudrun Buhler is an internationally experienced singer and actress who shares her on stage experience to compare how our oldest form of teaching and entertainment, live theater, has been has been the forerunner to, and influenced by, modern methods of film, video and virtual media. How have stories changed, how has this changed acting and composition, and, and what should we look forward to and not forget as viewers? Gudrun Buhler, native of Germany, is an Opera Singer of world class. She holds a Master of Voice from Manhattan School of Music and has performed in Venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Baden-Baden Festpielhaus, the Karlsruhe Opera House, the Kaiserslautern Opera House and many others in Europe and America. Her most recent performances include the singing and acting of the role of Klara, a German cabaret singer, in the play ?When Yellow were the Stars on Earth?. The play took to the stage in January 2014 at the Cabrini Repertory Theater where she recently performed the Soprano part of the Song Cycle ?In a Persian Garden? by Liza Lehmann together with three other soloists. Gudrun loves to sing classical song and gives Recitals in Museums on a regular basis. In November, 2014: • Gudrun will perform her next recital of German song at the Delaware Museum of Art, and, • Gudrunwill perform Wagner's ?Wesendonck-Lieder? with Orchestra at the St.Pauls Chapel in New York.
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