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YOU CAN'T TELL BY LOOKING, who the sexual predators and perpetrators are. Period.

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Join Dave and Bill as we interview Wendy Joy Hart on CHWR, she'll be answering questions and sharing her life experience's with us today! and also, the tools necessary to protect your CHILDREN!!


Wendy Joy Hart is a professional coach and speaker who was raised by parents who were pedophiles.


In addition to the constant sexual, physical and emotional abuse at home, my folks were also part of a ring of adults that trafficked in Child Por.nog.raphy and Child Prostitution.


My parents were good-looking, bright, articulate people. My Dad was a decorated Navy Pilot who among other honors, was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. From the time I was a toddler, until I graduated from High School, he slept in my bed.


My Mom was quite pretty and had a charismatic personality which attracted people wherever we went. She worked in all of my schools so that she could keep me under constant watch and make sure that I never told the "family secrets." When she would get home from work/school, she would often tie me up, torture me and rape me with a broom handle or whatever was handy.


And periodically, all growing up, one or both of my parents would drive me to a warehouse where other adults brought their children and the child Por.nog.raphy films were made.


The point of this story is to let you know YOU CAN'T TELL BY LOOKING, who the sexual predators and perpetrators are. Period. Sexual predators rarely fit the stereotype of looking like a creepy man...


Most often, the predators are HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT in and amongst the other terrific people who work with and support kids: People like teachers, sports coaches, police, clergy, school bus drivers, school and church janitors, YMCA and after school staff and day care providers, to name a few.


http://www.keepkidssafeandaware.com/ 90% of the time or more, the Predators are KNOWN to the children...