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Good Day from Rob with Cowboy Wisdom Hypnotherapist, NLP Innovator, Visionary Vocabulary, Dream Sculptor, Past Regression, and Published Author.

I asked me... How do I have faith in my thinking rather than trust of quick wit? I now realize my quick thinking created my challenging situations and my quick wit engaged my feelings and emotions to hear all my wise muses to enthuse my life. I now realize I was taught myself thinking rather than through listening.

Rob with Cowboy Wisdom understands admires and respects life is voyage through the innerseas of ceaseless blessings within all people Rob with Cowboy Wisdom understands shows people the way to their innermostPromised Land

Today I stopped being a fix it twit to trust my quick wit of wisdom intuition and talent because I now realize fix it is putting a band aid on wound that never heals because the raw emotions and hurt feelings are just being covered over with false bravado that is exposed when then same type of event occurs because fix it covers over the snoring sore I hid through a timid tuff bluff I show other people yet I shaking in my boots ready to crap my pants in anytime a similar event rose so I sent my fix it twit to the compost pile of denial I now ruthlessly admit I encompassed so now all my rat a tat crap is my farseeing fertilizer of inner wizardry frees me to understand respect and admire my fiery foresight of my knighted light that brightens my lust for my life’s gusto because I tenaciously trust my quick wit to understand I encompass colorful wisdom unfathomable intuition and visionary talent to expand out of everything to expand of whatever I desire shine my fire of desire to light my trendsetter torch for all people to follow feeling everlasting peace and prosperity in their heart and soul as I do now and forever Thank You and I Love and Appreciate All