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Late last night the Lord placed a different message on my heart for today: What are you waiting for? It's time to soar! There is so often a hold-up in our lives. We don't follow through to completion that which we've been called to do. Or, we fail to start--to begin or we continously begin again. Then there are some who begin and quit. Living a life that feels incomplete. It's not that you don't love God but there is something that is in the way of your taking the next step and goling after the dream, vision--purpose. Listen in to The Whole Woman today at 11:00 am EST and I will share with you what God has given to me to speak to your heart. What are you waiting for? Ir's time to soar. Share the link and bless someone else. Would love your visit with me at Blessings and love!
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Todays Show: Doreen Penner will be Terri's featured guest on this week's episode of Moving Forward in Faith. Doreen is a Professional Counselor, Life Coach, and Motivational Speaker. She will be joining us to talk about what it... more

Today's Show: Letting Go of Shame! Shame is a very powerful emotion. If not dealt with, it can lead to thoughts, feelings and behaviors that not only keep one bound, but can cause us to shy away from relationship with others, the love of... more

Touch A Heart, hosted by Alesia G. Brown President and Founder of the Women's Worshipfest, Inc., discussing topics that are difficult and tender to the heart; tackling the areas that plague our society and have caused suffering and... more

Today's Show: Your Personal Money Diagnosis Today? Matthew 10:30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. If God numbers and plans the universe, it seems important that we do also. Unfortunately many people are... more

Who are you and why are you here? Before answering this question, I will tell you who I am and why I am here. Through decades of learning from the best mentors and my mistakes, I know my who and why. I wish this for you, too. As I sit here... more

Today's Show: Healing Addiction Is the twelve-step recovery program missing something? Is tapping into an unknown higher power really the answer? Connect instead with the highest power, Yahweh. Start two-stepping with God and you... more

My Journey of Faith with Host, Cynthia McCutcheon Every Thursday at 2:30pm Today's Show: Join Cynthia and her guest Janee White who talks about her life as she was "Seeking God in a One Night Stand." more

Today's Show: In the first installment of this series, join Coach Nicole Kirksey as she discusses six different Faith Styles, and how these can be used to evangelize, disciple, and connect with other Christ followers for spiritual growth.... more

Today's Show: Join Terilee and Christie Love, Founder and Executive Director of LeadHer Ministries, as they discuss shame and leadership. www.leadher.or Links:

Todays Show: Todays show is an encore of Terri's interview with licensed Pennsylvania psychologist and certified life coach, Georgia Shaffer which originally aired on August 6, 2014. Georgia reveals ways you could be... more
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