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Part 1: CUTV News Radio Spotlights Mike Ellerkamp

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Houston TX - Mike Ellerkamp is a top-notch Life coach and author of The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered.

Mike became profoundly acquainted with The Golden Rule after a discord with his church’s Pastor back in the 1980s. He angerly left the church and began intensely studying various religions including Buddhism and the Greek mythologies. Mike’s pivotal findings unveiled how the greatest philosophers throughout history from Confucius, Plato, and Buddha all preached the Golden Rule.

Through my coaching and writings I aspire to make certain people understand its relevance and how applying it can be so effective to living a harmonious life.”

“That’s why I call it the simple little rule because it is that simple. But we always try to make it more difficult than it seems,” says Mike. “For over ten thousand years we have been continuously struggling to get society on point so people will live prosperously, have liberty, and excellent health. But we wreck it by giving those individuals who are greedy, and money driven the power to rule.”

Mike’s life coaching is also centered on the ideologies of the Golden Rule where a person is seeking help to bring more synchronization into their life or business. His clients are delighted they can make money with integrity and honor creating a win-win for both customers and themselves.

“Do unto others as you have them do to you,” says Mike. “Love your neighbor as yourself. When you analyze that statement it’s important to note that you must love yourself first before you can love others.”

For more information on our guest please visit www.mikeellerkamp.com