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Part 2: CUTV News Radio spotlights Pat Cleveland of The Balanced Horse

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Dothan, AL – “We ride a different horse every day without knowing it,” says horse trainer Pat Cleveland. “Horses are not vehicles. They’re living creatures. Don’t neglect that it has an emotional experience.”

According to horse trainer Pat Cleveland, people simply do not understand the way horses experience life, and our ignorance brings much suffering to these majestic creatures. Cleveland is the founder of The Balanced Horse Project, which seeks to employ a more holistic approach to training horses that both addresses their profound pain and honors their dignity.

“I’ve always viewed the world with a different set of eyes,” says Cleveland. “I wanted to understand how I could develop a way to train horses that would not create injury or emotional distress. The current system of animal training is based on behavior modification and chemical and physical interventions that block or mask discomfort. I wanted to move toward applying more organic and holistic approaches.

Much of the pain a horse experiences is in the girth line where the saddle rests on the horse. Cleveland has developed a way to reverse a horse’s physical condition and emotional state by folding time back to before the horse was born.

“This is a process of reuniting the body, soul and spirit to restore it to its original state of creation,” explains Cleveland. “When I send the horse back to its physical memory of being straight, it releases an emotional charge. The body remembers what it's like to be symmetrical and in harmony with itself. When this happens, as a horse trainer, I have that horse’s original essence.”

For more information on The Balance Horse, visit www.thebalancedhorseproject.net