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Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Madeline Gerwick of Polaris Business Guides

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Arlington, WA – We’ve all heard the phrase, “Timing is everything.” Whether you’re starting a new company, launching a new website or making new products or services available, there’s a fine line between jumping the gun and missing the boat. But how can we know when the time is right?

Polaris Business Guides specializes in helping individuals and businesses create higher levels of prosperity through the use of astrology. Led by Madeline Gerwick, an internationally recognized and certified astrologer, Polaris Business Guides helps these individuals and businesses maximize their opportunities by working in harmony with the Universe.

“We help business leaders prosper by teaching them how to embrace prosperity,” says Gerwick. “We’re particularly interested in helping business people get out of fear and the scarcity model and move toward an abundance and prosperity model."

25 years ago, a group of astrologers conducted a study of 1,400 bankrupt businesses to determine if their failure had been influenced by the cycles of the stars. The study found every one of these business began during what’s known as a “time-out” period where success was virtually impossible.

According to Gerwick, the bottom line for any business isn’t money, but rather the energy that generates money. When businesses focus on lack, a scarcity model, employee morale is low and stress is high. These companies are literally pushing money away from them at the energetic level.

“From an energetic standpoint there is only abundance, but we’re masters at convincing ourselves of the illusion of scarcity,” explains Gerwick. “If an owner can shift to a more positive outlook, a more prosperous orientation, everyone else in the organization will shift to match that energy.”

For more, visit http://www.AskMadeline.com