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Jackson, NJ – The most popular apparel wear on the market today is made with a synthetic polyester spandex that's wicking, thermal and anti-microbial. Over the last 20 years, this apparel has evolved to generate $17 billion in revenue each year because the world believes it's the best. Apparel Strategic Alliances has developed a 55% cotton, 45% polypropylene apparel product using CoolVisions® Patented Fiber that does everything polyester spandex products do and more. ?We were the first in the world to manufacture commercially acceptable apparel active wear products line and that's when the miracles started to happen,? says Jim Saar, founder and CEO. ?Our cotton-polypropylene Coolvisions® t-shirt is warmer than a down jacket in the winter. In the summer time, it keeps you cool. You may not even sweat.? In response to his discovery of revolutionary and innovative apparel products, Saar has assembled some of the most experienced and innovative professionals in the apparel industry to form the Apparel Strategic Alliances. This dream team of technical professionals allows the alliance to maintain its leverage against household name competitors as they attempt to bring his revolutionary product to market. ?I know how we stack up. Every day we are coming up with new applications for the technology. We just have to prove to the public at large that the product is better,? says Saar. ?Once you try on this apparel, you will be a customer. I just have to get you to put it on.? For more information on Apparel Strategic Alliances LLC, visit www.apparelstrategicalliances.com
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Jackson, NJ – The most popular apparel wear on the market today is made with a synthetic polyester spandex that's wicking, thermal and anti-microbial. Over the last 20 years, this apparel has evolved to generate $17... more

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