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Waukesha, WI – Dr. Victoria Mondloch is a practicing physician with over 30 years of experience specializing in women's health, family medicine and preventive health and wellness. An OBGYN by training, today Dr. Mondloch describes herself as a wellness physician. Dr. Mondloch is the author of 'Full Bloom: Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond', where she explores and debunks the myths of these years, revealing the science behind it all. Menopause, in the medical definition is when a woman has stopped having periods for a year. However, it's different for every woman. ?Menopause has only been here 100 years, because the life expectancy back then was often before menopause happened,? says Dr. Mondloch. ?We are just beginning to understand what living beyond menopause does to our organ systems. That's why I'm writing these books.? According to Dr. Mondloch, the foundation of health is hormonal balance, which traditional western medicine too often ignores, overlooks or outright dismisses. Dr. Mondloch says hormones should be the first thing we examine. ?I want to educate every woman in this country," says Dr. Mondloch. ?I want a paradigm shift in medicine back to the patient-centric model of teaching and empowering the patient on the best ways to get healthy, be healthy and stay healthy.? Dr. Mondloch's first book of the series, 'Blossoming: Becoming a Woman, A Daughter–Mother Guide' is available at Amazon. For more information on Dr. Victoria Mondloch, visit www.victoriajmondlochmdsc.com
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