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Cadyville,NY - Men have always been credited for forming the greatness of our civilization. But how many of us are aware that women were considered equal to men during Neolithic times? Kimberly Berg is an award-winning artist and male feminist advocate. He is especially interested in making women aware of their history, particularly their pre-patriarchal, Paleolithic/Neolithic history. "Throughout time women were taught they had never gained any place in history, when in actuality they played an extremely critical and influential role in creating and shaping the first civilization," says Kimberly. "It was a very peaceful, prosperous, and enlightening spiritual culture for which there was no precedent.? ?My art depicts striking images conveying women's power and grace while honoring the beauty and magnificence of their bodies,? explains Kimberly. ?My hope is to inspire all women to recognize their preeminence and see themselves in a virtuous light that has been so discouraged and disregarded by patriarchy.? In the mastery of his art, Kimberly captures the sensuous, affable, liberated women. This is in contrast to contemporary artists who tend to paint women as austere, grim and somber. "With my art I continue to create images that encourage women everywhere to embrace the goddess within them. By using the power of the art image I believe women can be inspired to become extraordinary leaders. They will be women who have the vision to revolutionize our modern world the way our ancestral sisters created the Neolithic world 10,000 years ago.? For more information on Kimberly Berg please visit www.isisrising.net
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