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We have been given the gift of love, that love was manifested at the cross where Jesus die for all. We have been called to walk in that same love, and our lives, our walk with Christ, our marriages, our families, our houses of worship would... more

The Body of Christ, The Bride of Christ has lost its purpose,it has forgotten why and what it was structured to be. Out of balance, out of alignment, the church disfunction and lack of proper structure has spill over into our marriages,... more

Be encouraged for the battles that are raging, God is on our side and he is fighting for us. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. We don't have to back down, we don't have to compromise. Stand for righteousness... more

The blessing of the Lord are conditional, and we all desire to be blessed and to grow in our walk with the Lord but many just don't know how. The Bible tells us, the people perish because of the lack of knowledge. Please join Daily... more

We are the church of God in Christ Jesus. You can join in, you got to be born in. It is time for the church of God to arise and be the lights of the world we were called to be,embassadors of Christ.

If God be for us, who can be against us. What are you afraid of???? You have the Lord of host at your front, back and side. Come join me for an encouraging word to help refuel your dashed hope in the Lord.

The Message of the Cross is the only message that can deliver, set free, bring back to life that dying soul. Powerful is the message of the Cross. There is no other name under heaven whereby man can be saved, except by the name of... more

The Message of the Cross is the message... No matter where you've been or what you have done, Gods grace is sufficient.

We have so much to give God Thanks for. The Lord is continually looking after our welfare, even when we are not aware. Just as the children of Isreal, we grumble and complain, yet God's grace is sufficient for us.

It has been said the "The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you" - Bernadette Devlin We know the scripture where the Lord tells Paul that His grace is sufficient and His strength made perfect... more
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