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Joe Jordan Testimonies-Segment 16 (Jason)

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
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Here's my story: I was asleep in my basement bedroom when I woke up suddenly and noticed 3 beings standing at the foot of the bed. I was completely paralyzed and overcome with terror and immediately sensed these beings were evil. It was very dark in the room but I could see that they were wearing hooded robes, gold necklaces, and had reptilian skin and large black eyes. They looked almost exactly like Sleestaks from the old TV show, Land of the Lost. They floated around to the side of the bed. I sensed that the one in the middle was their leader. The leader reached down and grabbed my arms with his hands on my biceps and lifted me out of bed. I felt almost completely weightless like a helium balloon. When I was in a standing position, but not touching the floor, his mouth opened wide and he breathed a furnace-hot blast of sulfur-smelling air in my face. Then we began to rotate and sink headfirst in the floor. I thought they were taking me to hell and I said, "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus", and instantly I was back in my bed, my heart was pounding out of my chest and I was soaked with sweat.
For a long time it didn't cross my mind that I had experienced a classic "alien" abduction until I saw some other people's stories that mirrored mine.

It was, I think, 1997 when I had an encounter. I don’t know why me, and why then. Years after the encounter, I was surfing around on the internet and found the Alien Resistance website and posted my story on the CE4 Research Group website. I don’t remember hearing anything about the “alien”/evil entity connection before then. I currently read(listen to CD) the Bible almost every day and research on the internet as much as possible to do what I can to resist the deception and confusion these entities are bringing to people.