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Welcome to Current Events with Patrick Cook - the #1 resource for small business and non-profits. Our show is design to engage, empower, and educate people with the right information; at the right time; to make the right decisions. Join us evey Sunday at 4:00 p.m. (cst) to start your week off with the latest commentary in business, sports, entertainment, and politics. Moreover, if you are a small business or thinking about starting your own blog, website, or online business... Bookmark this site now! Let me help you get the word out! To join the conversation, the number to call is (323) 580-5712 - every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. central time. Or visit http://tailormadetalkradio.blogspot.com

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"HIS Report International" Dr. J. O. Robinson host, Allen, Tx. Halloween: "Trick or Treat". In this topic Dr. Robinson answers pointed questions about the highly celebrated day, and how it has affected our society. Questions like, Halloween what is it's origin? Why do we celebrate the day. Why do we say trick or treat? Is this an original fall festival day? What are fall festival days?
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Mr. Motivator will explore spiritual success and how that success will boost and guide you to the fulfillment of your dreams.

"Let's Talk Truth" will explore the need for Effective Leadership in the world. Examining whether "Real Leaders" change things the right way or when the going gets tough, "they quit". What makes an effective leader and are you one?

Mr. Motivator will explore our possibilities that await us if we turn obstacles into stepping stones and march into victory.

"Let's Talk Truth" will attempt to express words of wisdom on the act of ungratefulness that we consistently exhibit throughout our everyday lives. Is it ungrateful to try to get more than what we have been gifted with? Let's connect... more

Mr. Motivator and guest will discuss issues affecting our health in areas such as mind, and body Join us today for another dynamic show.

"Let's Talk Truth" will explore the irritating positions that people take that invades and creates havoc in your personal space. The irritating positions that produces no form of wisdom yet we are forced to comply. The iritating positions... more

Mr. Motivator will once again attempt to help us explore that well of potential greatness buried deep within all of us. Join him for this dynamic excavation process to discover your untapped potential.

"Let's Talk Truth" will explore how to walk in your season without failure. This journey is successful only if you know your self worth. If you are having struggles in realizing your attainable goals for the new year, then tune in.

Mr. Motivator and guest will explore the world of storytelling and discuss the tradition and importance of good storytelling. If you are interested in becoming a storyteller, join us for an exceptional show.

"Let's Talk Truth" will discuss the concept of Working Hard to reach attainable goals or if an individual would rather a hand out. Are we willing to work for what we want or does someone owe us.
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