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Welcome to Current Events with Patrick Cook - the #1 resource for small business and non-profits. Our show is design to engage, empower, and educate people with the right information; at the right time; to make the right decisions. Join us evey Sunday at 4:00 p.m. (cst) to start your week off with the latest commentary in business, sports, entertainment, and politics. Moreover, if you are a small business or thinking about starting your own blog, website, or online business... Bookmark this site now! Let me help you get the word out! To join the conversation, the number to call is (323) 580-5712 - every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. central time. Or visit http://tailormadetalkradio.blogspot.com

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Let's Talk Truth will examine how and if the development of our lives is based on our culture, beliefs, and exposure. Is the outcome of our lives affected in a positive or negative way based on our environment? Are we living our lives... more

Dreams, Goals, Aspirations, and Motivation! Where did it go? What happened? Did you give it up? Join ?Joy Dr.? as he expounds on the topic of "Inside Joy - Outside Results"

Mr. Motivator will explore the pathways that lead to success and why it is important to connect with something you love doing. Tune in by calling 323-580-5712 to this powerful energizing broadcast and get your dose of... more

Let's Talk Truth will discuss the old addage "Go Along to Get Along" and what it has cost us over the years. We will explore the affect this has had on our lives as we will identify some of the things that we have lost because of the Go Along... more

Join ?Joy Dr.? as he expounds on the topic of "What's Da Matter." The question that everyone has on their heart due to men, women, and children being out of control across all racial, economical and social backgrounds. America,... more

They say lady justice is blind. What about when she is joined by five other women - is she still blind? Well, I say lady justice needs a seeing eye dog because the verdict in the George Zimmerman case was a sight to see! Join us... more

Mr. Motivator and guest will discuss the shadow that a rapper casts on the lives of their listeners. Do rappers take into consideration the impact their lyrics will have on their audience? Does rapping set the stage for the success or the decline... more

Let's Talk Truth will explore how "Ghosts" from past relationships are haunting you today and is slowly depriving you of your future. Still alone after a dead relationship and how depression has moved in to stay. You eat with depression,... more

Join ?Joy Dr.? as he explores the art of ?The Moment.? The place where millions of thoughts race through your mind and you can only choose one….?right or wrong? Are there any signals such as proceed with caution, red flags, road... more

Mr. Motivator and guest will explore the world of entrepreneurs and discuss the opportunities that awaits you and that will propel you to design a lifestyle for you and your family. Call 323-580-5712 and join us on this endeavor.
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