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  • Zuri Speaks Talk Radio w/Empress T

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    OUR MISSION STATEMENT:  The premise behind Zuri Speaks is to provide a No-Holds Barred radio show that focuses on empowering Black Men & Women to step up to success in their Families, their Spirituality, their Businesses, and their Communities around the world! Although our main focus is concerning the Black Community, there is no doubt that ALL communities can benefit from this show. We plan to bring a new flavor to radio; a forum that is designed with our listeners in mind.

  • Moving Forward- Host Dwayne Abernathy

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    Moving Forward is a call-in lifestyle news talk show to move our community foward.Moving Forward format is aimed at reporting solutions to community issues such as, business, healthy, education, politics, religion, sex, the justices system. Show host Dwayne Abernathy uses investigative reporting, accountability journalism and live reporting directly from Atlanta Ga. and remotes nationwide. Moving Forward represents a full spectrum ranging from breaking news reports to entertainment news, financial news, interviews and product reviews. 

  • the exploitation of black children , elders and the disable

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    state of black peoples 

  • The African History Network Show with host Michael Imhotep

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    Listen to The African History Network Show with host Michael Imhotep as we interview some of our top Scholars on African History/African-American History and current events, politics, entertainment, relationships, education, etc. as it pertains to African Americans Monday-Friday, 8pm-10pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theafricanhistorynetworkshow or www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com by phone, when we are LIVE at (914) 338-1375. Episodes are also archived on www.Itunes.com.
    If you want to learn more about African History and African-American History to counteract the negative images we see of ourselves on the TEL-LIE-VISION (TV), please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.  We have information to Educate, Empower and Inspire people of African Descent throughout the Diaspora and around the world.  We have a wide selection of African History and African American History DVD Lectures including "HIDDEN COLORS 1-3" and lectures from Michael Imhotep host of The African History Network Show.

  • Literary Moments With Novelist and Playwright S. Alexander

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    In the words of S. Alexander:
    "I love words, sunny days, stormy nights, mellow jazz, interesting people and animals .A retired broadcaster, and narrator-, my greatest joy besides writing is 'being.'
    My characters are old friends, who allow me to peek in on their lives and write about it. They keep me awake nights, and I hope they do for many years to come.
    I’m Brandi ‘S’ Alexander plus a few other alters; S Alexander is my primary pen name. Can’t say I’m a struggling young writer, with all the silver strands of wisdom on my head; fine ribbons of valor for staying the course (or genetics and children)! However, I am a struggling writer and loving every minute! I want you to love what I do too, but you have to read it. Once you do-, you’ll become an S Alexander novel addict! Now would I lie to you-, my potential audience, fan base, providers of my needs-, like food and shelter? Never!
    I’ve never-ever made up a story. Never! My characters come to me and share their lives, then allow me to write it all down-, for you. My books aren’t biased; covers every genre from classic novel to nit-wit, faith to fantasy, obviously adult content to children’s stories.I’m a southern writer, and enjoy the ‘well-, maybe moments,’ when it comes to descriptive romantic situations. Always highly sensual, but never crossing the line of descent sensibility-, well that’s the way I see it. The same applies to language. There are some dirty words that I just won’t say; still a latent fear that momma’s listening (I’m not sure that she wouldn’t understand the ‘blank-blank-blanks’ and other fillers-, so who am I fooling)!"

  • Dark Matters Radio Show with Sorceress Cagliastro - Episode TBD

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    Join us for our weekly episode of the Dark Matters Radio Show with Sorceress Cagliastro on Mondays from 11am ET to 12am ET. Tonight’s discussion is TBD Submit your Divination questions through our Facebook page - Dark Matters Radio Show with Sorceress Cagliastro - to have a free reading done for you if you are chosen to be on the air. Call in to listen at 347-945-7383 or join us in the chat room for discussion here - Blog Talk Radio
    We look forward to you joining our discussion.


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    THE FINAL WAKE UP CALL:  In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated A BLACK LIONS PRODUCTION (619) 924-9883 Brought to you by Abruptly Wake Up the Sleeping 
    For over four hundred years the Stolen Afrikan in AmeriKKKa has been robbed of the ancestry, their Afrikan spirituality, their science and their Story, they have been uprooted and are quickly dying.  The results of governmental institutional racism & genocide are chaotic; single parent households, unwed mothers, incarceration coupled with mis-education and the under educated have practically destroyed the black family. Their right minds are being destroyed with religion, drug addition, the prison & education system. The continuous bombardments of the court systems manipulation and negative media influence have taken a toll targeted on black children, men and women. Society has brainwashed the black women into believing that they don't need their black men. 
    Our women don't believe this because they refuse to see their own reflection, which is their black man because society has convinced the black females to destroy the only true hope for their survival....The Black Man! The Black Lions are here to help our women experience the presence of a man so they do not try to defunct his true nature.
    The Black Lions are here to take back our communities, businesses, families & kin our children and our women.
    ...Maybe then our black women will discover that A Black Man was all she really needed in the first place. We need our women by our side in the revolution. Let’s Talk about it. (619) 924-9883
    All viewpoints expressed on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators of  Abruptly Wake Up The Sleeping: Join the conversation - Uhuru Sasa

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