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    Don't Give Up Radio: Tough Skin with Samira Jones

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    Don't Give Up Radio show, with host Jacquie Wayans, is designed for people who have already over come great challenges but still have a way to go reaching their goals. The show speaks to the listener's soul via the words of guest, their life experiences and songs that pulled them out of the abyss. Jacquie wants the listener to be their own best hero, because the greatest hero of all, thought they were worth it and gave his life for them.
    Guest: Samira Jones, Author, Speaker & Coach 
    Facebook: SamiraInspires
    Periscope: @SamiralJones

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    Spiritual Healer, Medium, Marti joins Eric discussing the Afterlife.

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    Coming up on "Talk With Turcio" March 25th, 2014, Spiritual Healer and Medium, Martha DelVecchio a.k.a.Marti will discuss life on the "Other Side." Marti has been a spiritual healer all of her life. She's helped thousands of people connect with their loved ones in the Spiritual World. Eric will chat with Marti about her special gift and how her life has changed, when she awakened to her spiritual divinity. 
    On Tuesday's Show, Marti, will take calls from people to help connect them with loved ones they've lost. Marti will provide Direct Channeling, where a person asks a question -- and Marti channels the souls of those who have crossed over. 
    Due to our limited time on the air together, Marti will not be able to read everyone who calls in. All calls will be taken based on the order they were received. If you would like to have a full reading with Marti, please find her on Facebook, Martha DelVecchio. Marti currently resides in Connecticut.

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    Conversations with Talking Heads, the Rite(Right) Show

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    More on our discussion regarding marketable titles. Donald Trump bumps Paris as he promised during his campaign. Full participation in government, what progressive moves to improve the conditions of American Indians of Turtle Island

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    MOTHERS AND SONS... Raising Boys to Become Men

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    Research indicates that about 72% of children are being born out of wedlock in the African American community... most of the burden of raising a child is left to the mother... what impact is this having on society and what can be done to better benefit male children in making that transition into manhood?

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    Get Caught Reading with Bette A. Stevens

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    As we continue our celebration of Get Caught Reading month at The Magic Happens Radio Network, we welcome retired teacher and author, Bette A. Stevens as our guest today on Tell Me a Story.  Bette is the author of Amazing Matilda, an award-winning picture book; as well as The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too!, a home/school resource  incorporating hands-on math and writing. Pure Trash, is Bette’s short story prequel to her debut novel, Dog Bone Soup, a Boomer’s coming of age novel. You can connect with Bette on her website http://www.4writersandreaders.com. We direct you to http://www.getcaughtreading.org for more information on the Get Caught Reading movement! And of course, our website is http://www.themagichappens.com

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    The Ontrepreneur Talk Radio show w/ guest Heidi aka Clarissa Jenkins

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    The Ontrepreneur Talk Radio show w/ hosts Dr. Kim and Duane Bluestein proudly present Heidi aka Clarissa Jenkins .  Come to the studio and meet a remarkable woman who has been changing radio in AZ for decades. After a history of radio, Heidi created a brand character Clarissa Jenkins that audiences enjoy til this day.
    Heidi, has an amazing story of overcoming and survival in a male dominated radio world.  Here how decades of radio have made Heidi a strong radio personality, entrepreneur, and inspiration to many.
    The Ontrepreneur Talk Radio Show Dr. Kim and Duane Bluestein Special Guest Heidi aka Clarissa Jenkins Sunday 4:00pm - 5:00 pm (MST)/ 7:00 pm- 8:00 pm (EDT) Independent Talk 1100 KFNX www.1100kfnx.com (602) 277 - KFNX

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    Guest: Laura Wright

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    This is a replay of our May 22, 2015 show with Laura G. Wright. Laura is a mentor and coach who supports young adults to become the architects of their lives. According to her bio, she wants to live in a world where looking at cute pictures of animals counts as exercise, Coldplay frequently shows up at her house to hang out and put on concerts in her living room, and complete strangers smile and wave at each other for no reason.
    With over fifteen years of experience working with teenagers, she has developed a coaching and mentoring program for high school students, and has written workshops for parents of teenagers to guide them in making wise investments in their children’s future. She has also been featured as a guest on the Hunterdon Chamber Radio show Living Consciously, where she has shared her expertise in working with young adults. She has received the Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction Award, and in 2011 was nominated for Teacher of the Year.
    You can find her hanging out with her phenomenal husband, unabashedly digging through celebrity gossip online, and taking a bajillion photos of every single adorable thing her cats do. 
    Discover her mission to help teens and young adults at her website: www.buildingthebridge.us

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    Larry Locke from (Infested Inc.) Join Us.

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    Larry Locke from Infested Inc.Explains the name Infested Inc. why the  movement. and purpose

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    A favor from God isn't always pretty!

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    Just because you ask for something in a prayer doesn't mean it will always happen.  But when it does, make sure you keep the faith and patience during the process.  From my recent experience I learned that my Creator is still in control and still expects me to play my part of the prayer.  Have you submitted a prayer that was more of a wishful thinking request. Please listen to this message.  This program is POWERED BY BIRD INC! 

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    Natural Law and the political triangle

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    Most people think the political spectrum is linear – left to right.  I’m going to introduce you to a couple of ideas for looking at politics from a different, wider perspective. We look through the lens of liberty by first explaining what liberty is and then looking at political systems based on their relationship to liberty. This creates a 3-dimensional political spectrum instead of simply left or right.