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  • 02:02

    Occupy Til I Come

    in Culture

    The Hebrew Israelite Nation Elders will be speaking about the duties that the Messiah left for us to do until He returns.  His advice for us is in Luke 19:13  "And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come."

  • 02:12

    Sam Interviews Xavier Truesdell (XL) On True Nubia

    in Culture

    917) 889-9174 - Sam Interviews Xavier Truesdell AKA 'XL', Radio Host, Actor, Singer, Model & so much more...
    Wife, mother, entrepreneur, home schooler, home maker, family oriented, community activist & spiritualist. Doing so many things yet, keeping it simple.
    With Co-Hosts Zion, Becca & CJ  

  • 01:23

    Raising Black Girls

    in Culture

    We currently call Black women goddesses and queens and empresses; we speak of Black girl magic...but how do you raise a girl to make sure she becomes all that...in a system where the odds are against it? How do you protect their minds from the psychological warfare against them? Joining the convo tonight is a special guest co-host, Boshia Rae-Jean. We have some suggestions and want to hear yours.

  • 01:09

    When You Really Want To Know ???

    in Culture

    This episode of the "Ask Uncle Billy Show" will be the start of something "Big". The guest that You will be hearing from, along with myself are going to tell stories and incidents about growing up in an invisable kingdom. The illnesses and problems that perpetrated our neighborhoods were not fabricated, but oftentimes not diagnosed from the "I don't need no Doctor" Black Male Ego......More tonite on the Ask Uncle Billy Show, Show start time is 7:00 P.M.  
    Call in To (323) 870-3963, and we will discuss what it is that's holding you back !!!! Thanks for the Follow, HOLA!!!!

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    In 1963, at the March on Washington, Dr. Martin Luther King shared a dream he had about the progress of race relations in America. For over fifty years – many White and Blacks have been hopeful of the fulfillment of such a utopian concept. The best indication of success or failure is the state of youth across the nation.  
    Join TALK-STRAIGHT host, Rev. Dr. Rueben Dockery as he discusses the progress or lack of progress from that time to now!
    An Open Microphone Discussion

  • 00:23

    Structures of Peace in the Bible (8)

    in Culture

    A quick review of earlier points, some points are expanded on. Points 8-10 introduced.  Story: A Man Gets Abducted and Calls on God.
    Click here for transcripts to earlier shows.
    Click here for host's website: ecopeacevision.us - includes uplifting art images!

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    #45 endorses police brutality??

    in Culture

    Don't be too nice when the arresting these thugs while Addressing a room full of uniformed white officers standing behind #45 applauded and when he turned and faced them most smile and appear to chuckle as to say your wish is my command Master Hitler!Feel free to join host Ajah and voice your opinon on this and many more disturbing issues in this White Supremacist ruled country.#GetUpOnIt

  • 00:43

    Join us as we speak with Chef Fernando Marulanda and Alfonso Lazada

    in Culture

    join us tonight as we chat with Executive Chef Fernando Marulanda II and Alfonzo Lazada, Executive Director of the Center for Recruitment of Students and Alumni at the Interamerican University. We will bring you information about the Culinary event hosted jointly by Boricuas of the World Presente y de Pie, and the Interamerican University. 
    The Chef will give us some clues as to the content of the show and Alfonzo will chat about the educational opportunities at the University with their Culinary program.
    It promises to be a great show so tune for an hourt of great conversation.
    Y recuerde siempre. buena musica y buena conversacion...

  • 00:31

    Black Indians Part III: Henry Gates Said What?

    in Culture

    Henry Louis Gates Jr. claims that DNA findings show only 1 in 20 African Americans have Native Ancestry in a video where celebrities who claimed Native ancestry were tested.  Why the discrepancy when so many of us have been told by our elders that we had Native ancestry? We'll discuss this and more with guest Producer and Renaissance Man Robert Morris who has documented his Native roots and questions that only 1 in 20 Americans of African descent have Native roots. Visit:  http://www.morrisentertainmnt.net
    See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWzsSg4TUMw

  • 00:45

    Where Do We Go From Here: Community or Chaos?

    in Culture

    Steven Toliver is the Campus Minister at Westbury Christian School and the proud of husband of Brittney Toliver and father of two beautiful daughters. He is an educator of 10 years in both public and private education, two of which were spent in the UAE. Having studied Psychology and African-American Studies at the University of Houston and Education administration, Steven has produced two documentary films Fractures: The Collapse of the Communal Ethos and We the People (2009).  Mr. Toliver is passionate about his faith, education and aiding others in personal and professional growth.  Join us in this much needed dialogue as Steven Toliver and Talk Show Host Gregory D. Anderson Jr discuss what's needed for us to thrive globally as diverse cultures.

  • 01:35

    Coffee Klatch: Hiss & Miss Edition

    in Culture

    We kick off another season of compelling conversation, cultural commentary and creative inspiration.
    Amy Beth chats with Joan Brady, award winning author of  several books. Her latest, Alger Hiss: Framed A New Look at the Case that Made Nixon Famous   re-examines   the notorious espionage case that launched Richard Nixon onto the national stage. We discuss the author’s personal relationship with Hiss, new revelations that support his innocence and resonance in the Trumpian era.
    Tributes to: Louise Hay, Walter Becker, Glenn Campbell and Sam Shepherd.
    Plus we take on the current cultural cacophony.
     And the usual  hoopla: great music, Inspiration to Action Challenge shout-outs & more!
    Tweet 24/7 @abwrites #BigStory #Forgotten45s
    Call during show ONLY 347-857-4505
    ***Please support the artists you hear on this show. All books &music are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and where ever fine work is sold.