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Co Hosting: Monica Rosales, Executive Director of Eloy Cepero is an avid music collector, historian, and TV and radio show host. His top rated ?Grandes Leyendas Musicales? (Great Musical Legends) has aired nerly 200 shows on three different local tv stations. For the past 5 years, he has been hosting a radio show by the same name on WWFE, La Poderosa, Saturdays from 12 to 1 PM which, to date, has aired over 250 radio shows. Since 2008, at the University of Miami Institute of Cuban and Cuban American Studies (ICCAS), Eloy heads a living history project, also named ?Grandes Leyendas Musicales?, where once a month he interviews important figures of Cuban music before a live audience, about their lives, experiences and contribution to music. These interviews are preserved both at ICCAS and the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami for future use by anyone wanting to research the music, musicians and times. His first published book, ?Cuba 1902 – 1962, a Journey Through Postcards? was a best seller and was followed by ?Cuba 1898 – 1915, a Journey Through Postcards?. His latest book ?Tales of a Cuban Family from Bahia Honda to Iceland, Memoires of a Pedro Pan,? has been well received and he recently collaborated with 30 other Cuban exiled writers, on ?Cuba, an Epic Journey? depicting the rise of the Castro regime and the last 50 years of the Cuban exile in the U.S. We'll be discussing his latest work, "In Love With Bolero"
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BIO: LUIS GONZALEZ Luis González nació en La Habana, Cuba, donde pasó los primeros siete años de su vida. Su madre, viuda y con tres hijos, huyó del estado comunista con sus niños en... more

"Un hombre va al conocimiento como va a la guerra: bien despierto, con miedo, con respeto y con absoluta seguridad. Ir al conocimiento o ir a la guerra en cualquier otra forma, es un error, y el que lo hace nunca podría vivir para... more

?A man goes to knowledge as he goes to war: wide-awake, with fear, with respect, and with absolute assurance. Going to knowledge or going to war in any other manner is a mistake, and whoever makes it might never live to regret it?... more

Esta fascinante historia real, la cual lee como la version Castellana de la película ?Lo que el viento se llevó? comienza su historia con el noviazgo de Rolando Fernández and Ninina Perea cuales se conocen y... more

Muchas veces, personas se quejan de la falta de energía, buena salud y tiempo para disfrutar la vida al máximo. ¿Se siente asi usted? Si es así, esta serie show es para Usted! La Dra. Josefina Monasterio tiene... more

Often times, I hear women and men complaining about the lack of energy, good health and time to live life to the fullest, myself included. I am tired of living this way! Are you? If so, this show series is for you. Start at the beginning with us or... more

Jordan is founder and the Executive Producer of InAltum Productions, a Washington D.C based film and video production company. Through IAP, Jordan has produced and distributed many documentary projects focused on themes... more

Co Host: Fernan Hernandez, author of The Cubans: Our Legacy in the United States: A collective biography In the author's words: Havana, 1939—The glamorous capital city of an alluring Caribbean island, the year that Rolando... more

Luis Gonzalez grew up in Culver City, California after his widowed mother of three fled Communist Cuba in the late 1960's. Though he quickly assimilated into his new country and culture, and though he had no trouble mastering his new... more