Coalinga State Hospital News

Coalinga State Hospital News

Coalinga State Hospital News

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LISTEN LIVE THURSDAYS 9:30PM PST. CSH News reports LIVE from Coalinga State Hospital, where men are confined against their will because they *may* commit future crimes. Off-Air#: 559.460.0804. Call In#: 347.637.1658 on Thurs 9:30pm PST. CSH News Topics:pre-crime incarceration, involuntary civil commitment, sex offender laws, CALIFORNIA prison system, U.S. Constitution, law, prison, justice, civil & human rights. Support this grassroots journalistic endeavor via Paypal: CoalingaNews @ Thanks for listening!~Callie Grace, Host/Executive Producer

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Problems at California's state-run facilities climb, despite the much-anticipated new Stockton Prison that accepted its first inmates last July. In six short months, the complex became home to nearly 1,300 men with various medical... more

This episode will delve into the incredible overspending by the State of California to house under 1200 sex offenders, some who have been deemed Sexually Violent Predators. Billions and billions of taxpayer money, for what? Then, we'll... more

Listen to one patient describe how poor conditions & poor treatment at Coalinga State Hospital led to his desperate act - a hunger strike. Also, we'll have an update on the condition of patient Joseph Gentile following the serious incident... more

Hear about the serious issues going on within the walls of Coalinga State Hospital recently. Patients within the facilty have been assaulted & violently attacked by a handful of staff/officers. Tune in. This show is extremely important. Martin... more

This week, we'll discuss reintegration. Once deemed a "sex offender" or worse, a "sexually violent predator," how can you start over as a member of society? Most go through this process alone. But in recent years, programs.have been... more

Ever wonder how places like Coalinga State Hospital come to be? Or, how people who have served their time in prison & should be free are instead sent to places like this? How can California afford a "forensic hospital" that isn't really treating... more

On this episode, we discuss how/why people are placed in Coalinga State Hospital, a penitentiary-style forensic facility. Were the 1500 involuntarily committed men at CSH given proper evaluations before they were involuntarily... more

Join us for a look at the real numbers behind the scenes at Coalinga State Hospital. What's being spent? Who benefits? Why is it so expensive to house under 1500 people? Has the infamous facility really cost over $3 Billion since... more

Men residing at the infamous institution speak out regarding retaliation, abuse and neglect. Why is the patient population of Coalinga State Hospital being treated so horrifically? Could it be that there is no "watchdog" overseeing the... more

Hear from witnesses to the seclusion and restraint of a Coalinga State Hospital patient, Riccardo King, who was forcibly medicated and tied down to a bed for a few weeks. The man was unable to understand commands, yet was being... more
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