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Messages From Myself...Is Your Guru Legit! with Joe Rumbolo

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I posted this on Face Book on September 5th and received such great response that I dedided to do an epeisode about this.

I subscribe to a number of email lists/newsletters because I like to keep up with what people are saying. I certainly don't agree with all of them, but as long as the content is uplifting and self-empowering, I'm okay with it, even if I personally don't subscribe to the details.

What I can't stand is when some supposed "guru/channeler" puts out what looks like an uplifting, self-empowering message and then says that the energy that is being channeled says that it pertains only to the people who subscribe to their monthly channeling which "only" costs $33 a month!

Direct Quote..."Each of your subscribers carries a specific code in their DNA and they are called into service by Spirit, just as you were, to follow their path to enlightenment, spiritual satisfaction and more."

This is bullshit! If the channeling is authentic-and there are some channelers who are-it pertains to everyone on the planet, not just those who are sucked in by this crap and who have $33 a month to toss in the toilet! An authentic channeling will not single out one group of people over another and tell them that they will be included if they buy something. How can these people who do this even sleep at night?!? They speak of unity consciousness and "we are one" and then create separation.

Your thoughts?