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A radio show that bases it's discussions and guests on serious scientific inquiry in the field of cryptid research and investigations. Our goal is to stringently adhere to the scientific method and its tenets in our research and ideology.

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Please join us this week as we welcome Felipe ?Big Dog? Mendoza to the show. Felipe hails from south east Texas. He is a Bigfoot enthusiast with many years of experience in the field. We will be talking with Big Dog about his brief sighting... more

This week we are hosting a debate on the subject of No-Kill vs Pro-Kill in regards to Sasquatch. We all know that before any conservation can begin, before any studies on them can start, Sasquatch needs to be scientifically acknowledged... more

This week our guest is author and researcher Michael Mayes, aka The Texas Cryptid Hunter. We'll be delving into the subject of cryptid big cats in the US. We'll be tackling everything from discussing out of place sightings, reports... more

Join us this week as CryptoLogic Radio gathers around the campfire to discuss the more speculative aspects of the creature known as Bigfoot. Speculation isn't necessarily the most scientific concept but it can be fun and thought provoking,... more

This week our guest is Jim Sherman, an active field researcher and member of the BFRO from Michigan. Jim is a high school history teacher and cross country coach. He has always had an interest in cryptids, but was encouraged to begin... more

This week we are discussing the Ape Canyon incident of 1924 with researcher Marc Myrsell of the Dark Waters Paranormal Group. Marc and his group have been researching the incident for over 5 years, culminating in the potential... more

Wednesday July 16th – 5pm PST / 8pm EST This week our guest is British author and crypozoological investigator/researcher Adam Davies. Adam has been all over the world investigating and researching a wide array of cryptids.... more

This week we'll be talking to author and crypozoological investigator, John Kirk about his research into Sasquatch and a number of other cryptids he has investigated and been on expeditions for. John is president of the British... more

This week we'll be discussing water cryptids such as Cadborosaurus, Champ, and Loch Ness with Jay Cooney, Scott Mardis, and Dale Drinnon. Jay Cooney is a writer/author who writes a blog called Bizarre Zoology which contains articles... more

This week our guest is teenage Bigfoot research prodigy River Gibbs. At the age of 15 River is already an experienced researcher, has a popular YouTube channel featuring instructional and footage analysis videos, and is also a published... more