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Crusade For Truth

Crusade For Truth


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Its been a long 10 months and weve seen a lot of change but is it good change? We have been like a child not happy, hungry, sick, angry, we don't like what being shoved down our throat. We cry, yell, protest, e-mail, plot, stock up on food, water, guns, and ammo. We keep asking why, what can we do, what is going on, we will vote them out, but will we have another election, is this the end of the world, is this Gods doing, is satin a part of this, why don't they hear us, why don't they listen, and why can't they tell us the real truth? Our problem is we are asking the wrong people the wrong questions and we expect the truth from those not capable of telling the truth. We know our government has ploted for many years towards this exact events we are seeing. People if you want the truth you only have to look in the bible for truth and the history from the begining of time to todays events. You will see that the truth is there. God has been telling man of all the events we are expericening today and how you can become part of His people to inherit Heaven as our eternal life. He also has a plan for us as we go through our lives to put our faith, fears, and hope in him so we may find the peace we need during these days. Another topic I would like to discuss is the horrible plight of our children. So many of them today are being abused, aborted, victims of horriable sexual preditors, parents are into drugs, so many of our kids are being orphaned, the states takeover their care, send many of them to bad foster care and they become victims again. Many other family members are being asked to take over the care of them. Many of these family members are unwilling or unable to take them. So we have a very large part of our youth growing up with out any one to love or care for them. So if you would like to join us for this show to discuse any of these topics or maybe you have some you would like to dicuss your welcome.