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" Watchman Warning Word" -Refuting "Once Saved Always Saved"

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" Watchman Warning Word" - (PART 1 OF 2 Refuting "Once Saved Always Saved"

HERE IS PART 2 -> http://tobtr.com/s/7292261

* join Brother Don Konz and brother Lawrence Jordan as we Preach BIBLICAL TRUTH on this Error False Doctrine being taught in the Harlot spiritualy Prostuting Churches these Last Days Part of the GREAT FALLING  AWAY  APOSTASY of 2 Thess 2 and 1 Tim 4:1-2 Deceiving The VERY ELECT of GOD   The Watchman on The Wall Will WARN as EZK 33:7-10 Commands

Confessing Jesus or Denying the Lord Jesus Christ is the "saved / not saved" main issue.  It is something THAT WE DO, based on our beliefs.  People who argue for OSAS will often say,

"There's nothing you can DO to become saved, or it will be works.  Therefore, there is nothing you can DO to become unsaved, you can't GAIN or LOSE salvation based on what you do."

Well, the first premise is wrong, because to be saved, one has to DO quite a lot; first be willing to hear the message, second, believe it in faith, third, repent of your sins, and fourth, confess that you believe God rose Jesus from the dead, and fifth, continue in the faith.  And the act a person takes that leads to salvation is the opposite act one takes as a result of falling away from the faith.  Confession or Denial of Jesus!

The other common thing people who belive OSAS often say in the debate is,

"How much or which sin would actually cause one to be unsaved? If we can lose salvation, where do we draw the line? or How much sin can I get away with?" 

Again, it seems they forget the key issue, belief in Jesus and confession of Him.