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The days of no answers are over! People with vague complaints have a new answer that my be the true Final Answer to their nagging health problems - oxygen deprivation. The airway of today's American has shrunk. This is not a joke, as I read it I think ha, no one is going to believe that! Turns out that a combination of our choice of feeding from infancy on, and the types of food we're eating today have conspired to decrease the size of our airway. But we can fix it and that's what today's special is about, using the science of lactation consultancy, feeding science, growth and development experts and orofacial myofunctional therapists from California to New York we'll talk about preventing airway issues and how OMT together with dentistry and medicine can improve the airway for millions! What kinds of conditions are we talking about? This list may make you scoff because it's pretty vast. inability to latch in a newborn children with weird feeding and food issues children who have behavioral problems in school people (any age) who cannot sleep through the night people who wake up gasping for air people who had teeth removed for braces people (any age) who are suffering from sleep apnea people with constant sinus infections or blockages ?Each interview in this special is 10 minutes long Drs Gelb and Hindin founders of American Academy of Pysiological Medicine and Dentistry Diane Bahr feeding specalist Alison Hazelbaker lactation consultant And others!!
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Today, America's Dental Hygienist, Shirley Gutkowski talks with Jennifer Butler about STRESS. We all have it and who wouldn't benefit from methods to help reduce, cope and manage stress. Jennifer Butler, M.Ed., MCC, BCC is the... more

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Ninety-five percent of Americans struggle financially. They eke out a living. They live from one paycheck to the next. They are barely getting by. They are hanging on by a thread. And the saddest thing is that this reality perpetuates itself... more

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The American Sugar Alliance posts decreasing wholesale prices of sugar worldwide. However, the cost of sugery goods is increasing, how is that??? U.S. sugar prices are lower than 30 years ago, candy bar has increased 300% over... more

Our guest today is Puja Madan the creator of WildRadiantWoman.com. She combines the wisdom of the East with practical techniques of the West to create powerful results for women who work with her. Today our host Shirley... more

Today, America's Dental Hygienist, Shirley Gutkowski talks with Diana Lubbs. Diana is a Registered Dental Hygienist and Oral Myofunctional Therapist. Shehas been in the profession of promoting good oral health for 40+ years.... more

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With the changing face of Dentistry, Telesales has become an increasing segment in the Dental Sales arena. Pricing and the internet savvy of younger clinicians has made Telesales an attractive alternative to the traditional Sales Rep. Shriley... more

Breastfeeding, the most natural way to nourish an infant and yet a controversial and confusing issue for many moms. Today we are honored to have Dr. Lawrence Kotlow a 1972 graduate of SUNY Buffalo Dental School, he completed his... more
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