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Listen in as Shirley Gutkowski talks to her guests about your work, your health, and your leisure. Cross Link Radio has you covered.

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0 vitamins, 0 minerals, 0 enzymes, 0 fat; refined sugar has no nutritional value. Today, the average American adult consumes about 140 pounds of sugar per year. In 1822, just 6.3 pounds per year. Experiments involving rats, when given the choice, the rats preferred sweetness of sugar over cocaine. High blood sugar is linked to: obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, inflammation, dementia, behavioral and mood disorders, violence and more. Type 3 Diabetes. Today, America's Dental Hygienist, Shirley Gutkowski, talks with Nutitional Biochemist, Tara Palmer about the chemistry of sugar--and how to prevent its damaging effects.
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Are you looking for a new career and feel you don't have the skill set(s) a company is looking for? Listen in to Shirley Gutkowski as she talks with Beth Thompson about how to recognize your transferrable soft skills and what hard... more

Do you like to eat healthy without the BLAH of no taste? We are not talking salads! Hear Jen Kirkham, Dental Hygienist and Nutrition Nut, share her fun using Xylitol to sweeten Holiday Chocolates. Learn Jen's tips and tricks how to lose... more

Dr. Greg Cannizzo is a general dentist providing orthodontic care for many patients. We'll talk to Dr. Cannizzo about braces in many ways, and get the answers to these timeless questions: Can a person get braces form their regular... more

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn spent his 30-year career educating others and helping to ease human suffering, leading Jewish congregations in Australia, Illinois, his hometown of Miami and New Jersey. Now, he is practicing his faith in a different... more

We like to say that dentistry is the only health care wing that trys to put itself out of business. The use of preventive materials has really taken on a new life. We have more than just fluoride and finger wagging at our disposal. The idea of... more

Are you looking for a new position or thinking of changing up your career? Do you want to know what are some of the important points that should be covered in your elevator speech and how to get an edge over the competition in this... more

Our guest Matthew Steinberg is a professiona brewer and an active consultant for the Craft Beer Industry. He was the founder of BLATANT Brewery, a craft beer he started in 2010. Currently, Matthew's focus is High Horse, LLC, where he... more

You're dental appointment is filled with weird feelings and tastes. Did you know lots of people fall asleep at their appointment? Can you imagine! Listen in to find out the answers to What is that gritty stuff, and is it necessary? What do... more

Jill Thomas is a hypnotherapist and author, she has helped hundreds of clients achieve their lifestye and wellness goals. Shirley Gutkowski will ask Jill about her advanced trainings in wieght loss, self confidence, sport improvement, stress... more

Shirley goes into the ABC's of the language we use in dentistry. Does your dental hygienist talk over your head? Does your dentist talk to you like you're a baby? Listen in to the secrets of dental language and get a leg up on your own dental... more
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