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Can you take a spice and heal your pain? Turmeric has been in the diets of the people of India for millennia, and their cancer rates are much lower than the rates here in the US. Dr. Mudgal talks to host, Shirley Gutkowski, about the use of Turmeric/curcumin as a natural product to reduce pain and their new product Sona. Host: Shirley Gutkowski Guest: Sharmila Mudgal, MD, MPH
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Inflammation is in the news nearly every week. How is inflammation triggered? Should you remove the trigger or dampen the response to the trigger? What happens if you can't find the trigger anymore? In the world of medicine today we... more

Do you know your brand? Or do you know what a brand is? A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies daily. Marketing is what you do, branding is what you are. Your brand resides within the hearts and minds of... more

The hobby show is the highest rated program in the Cross Link Radio list of shows. We have a good representation on the Business, Inflammation, Wellness, and Biofilm programs but hobbies beats them all. There seems to be an... more

Created by Prof. Trevor Marshall, The Marshall Protocol is a therapy for chronic inflammatory diseases. It is based on an explanation for how an infectious cascade of pathogens slow the immune response, allowing subsequent... more

Are you on a fitness roller coaster? Do you sign up at the gym and then in two months forget how to get there? Would you like to know some pointers on how to keep fit for life and what to do if you fall off the wagon? Jessica Coates is a... more

Dr. Roy Dittmann speaks to Shirley Gutkowski about Autism and conception. This one hour conversation is a bonus from the autism special from June 2013. Dr. Dittmann is a physician and author of The Brighton Baby a book for use... more

According to research conducted by The Ladders, it takes recruiters an average of six seconds before they make the initial fit or no fit decision based on resumes. With that kind of competition, you need to have a flawless resume to get... more

Deb Grant is an expert in aromatherapy and applying essential oils for the health promoting benefits, has spent 20 years developing the perfect spa dental experience. Now she's teaching these techniques to eliminate dental fears and... more

The other day I noticed a few things about cancer prevention I thought would be good to talk about. Although this is a pre-recorded program I invite you to start a conversation on Twitter or on the America's Dental Hygienist page on... more

What is Alopecia and why do so many suffer with this when they seem otherwise very healthy? Our guest Jodi Briden (CHHC, AADP) is the owner/founder of Your Wellness Partner, llc and provides customized holistic wellness programs for... more
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