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Listen in as Shirley Gutkowski talks to her guests about your work, your health, and your leisure. Cross Link Radio has you covered.

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A recent report that our host has written on her intervention study in long term care has brought about a letter to the editor of the publication. They want to alert other readers that our recommendations are hazardous to the health of the... more

Every day working women all over the globe have to navigate the world of working while pregnant and coming back to work after maternity leave. Jessica Coates is the Director of Operations at Transcend Fitness and Carousel CrossFit... more

Are you computer literate? Do you have to be? Today Shirley Gutkowski talks about the importance of computers in our lives and whether you can get along with one. If you're planning on moving from your industry to another, computers... more

If you have a business, then having an on line business presence is not an option. However, so many business owners are intimidated about getting started or are uncertain about how it will benefit the business. Listne in as Shirley Gutkowski... more

David Bard of joins Shirley Gutkowski to talk about a new way for dental hygienists to recommend xylitol products through This discount system allows hygienists and dental practices to purchase xylitol... more

Radiation therapy is thought to be a life saver and can be for many tumor conditions. Radiation to the head and neck can change the life quality so much that patients who undergo that therapy begin to have second thoughts months... more

How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. So, a happy work place is just as important as a happy personal life. What do you do when something at work is causing you stress. Shirley Gutkowski, BSDH and America's Dental Hygienist... more

How can you protect yourself from dirty dental water line water? How does your dental practice test the water that comes out of the drill or the power scaler? Find out what Dr. Dennis Mihalka has to say about the water we use every day in... more

If you want to eat healthfully it's important to have good food on hand in the kitchen. What exactly does that mean? Laurie Samuels, a health coach, is going to give some good tips about how to organize your kitchen and what... more

How do you get out of a public bathroom without taking along someone elses flu, hep C, or little bits of poo? Turns out that lots of folks never give it a thought! And that's why you should. Only a tiny fraction of people wash up after using the loo.... more
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