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Listen in as Shirley Gutkowski talks to her guests about your work, your health, and your leisure. Cross Link Radio has you covered.

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Dental hygienists are licensed oral health professionals. Their focus is on preventing and treating oral diseases for the protection of total body health. Each state has its own specific regulations and the range of services performed by... more

Debbie King Ph. D., HC, has studied how to have a healthy mind through meditation and eating well. She just completed her new EBook and audio book titled "Nutriton for Mind Healing." Debbie has her Ph.D. from Sedona... more

Kimberly Ruckman has made some great inroads for her family. By managing diet and the medical system she's been able to bring relief to her son and her family. This interview is from June of 2013 as part of the series of interviews with our... more

Do you have a current business that needs to be updated? Or do you have a business or product idea and want to get it out there? Exactly what does it take to be successful in business? Shirley Gutkowski Host of Cross Link Radio... more

NBC, CBS, ABC, UHF, and PBS were our choices when I was a kid. Today we have a hundreds of channels, most not worth spending time on. ESPN has five or so different channels, if you watched sports you have a lot of options. But,... more

Let's define a cure? People are out to cure cancer, diabetes, the common cold, where is the push to cure periodontal disease? It's the root of all evil, ask nearly any hygienist, me included. When people talk about the gut and the health... more

Amy DiBasilio M.Ed., HC., is a holistic health coach, wellness educator and mom of three. Whe works with busy families to help them to overcome the obstacles keeping them from wellness. On our first show with Amy she revealed the many... more

Did you know that the most powerful tool you have to change your life isn't a curette? It's a fork. Yes, a fork. We have all heard the phrase, ?you are what you eat? and the nutritional choices you make play a big role not only in how... more

What are you passionate about? Have you ever wanted to do what you love for your career? Confucius said, "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life". So, what holds so many of us back? Do you know what your passion... more

Did you burn out of drinking tequila during your mispent youth? Not Dr. Jablow! After seeing Martha Stewart taste a flight of tequila on her show I became intrigued. I'm one of the few who can still dring tequila without retching. I wanted... more
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