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Listen in as Shirley Gutkowski talks to her guests about your work, your health, and your leisure. Cross Link Radio has you covered.

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Cross Link Radio, health from the eye teeth on down. I'm here to help you understand some of the mysteries of health from the perspective of the oral health care provider, that's me, Shirley Gutkowski. I'm a clinical dental hygienist. I'm in the prevention mode, helping you keep your health at its optimum by bringing a wide variety of guests with the information you want to know. Today's guest will share some interesting information about how infection control in works in the dental office. Do you know where those instruments were? How is the room disinfected? These and other questions will be explained during our conversation with Noel Kelsch. Feel free to ask your own question at America's Dental Hygienist on Facebook. Noel has received many national awards including the 2014 Who's Who in Infection Control, Colgate Bright Smiles Bright Futures, RDH Magazine Sun Star Butler Award of Distinction, USA magazine Make a Difference Day Award, President's Service Award, Foster Parent of the Year, Hu-Friedy Master Clinician Award and as if that isn't enough: she is also a five time winner of the Castroville Artichoke cook off! Noel is a Past President of the California Dental Hygienist's Association. Tuesdays inflammation shows on Cross Link Radio are produced by Ann Hansen, RDH, BS. If you have a topic you'd like to share, please contact Ann at
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0 vitamins, 0 minerals, 0 enzymes, 0 fat; refined sugar has no nutritional value. Today, the average American adult consumes about 140 pounds of sugar per year. In 1822, just 6.3 pounds per year. Experiments involving rats, when given... more

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