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Welcome to Cross Walk Talk Radio, a production of Cross Walk Life. Prophet Carlotta Waldmann is an ordained Minister of Counseling, President of Cross Walk LIfe and NowFaith.TV Ministry Training School online, a Minister to Ministers and a Seminar Leader. Hear true stories of God intervening today, hear live personal prophetic ministry to callers and hear interviews with anointed leaders who share how Jesus is healing and setting people free all around the world.......... Call 917-388-4683 to listen, to receive live prophetic ministry and to hear what God is doing in these last days.......... To request personal Restoration Prayer Ministry, call our office at ***** 229-449-4742 9a-5p ET ..... or EMAIL us at ***** **** To schedule a seminar or ask Carlotta to speak please call us or see our seminar page at

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The Bible gives us many descriptions of the end-times, the last days, the last hour and the apostasy of the church. Are we in the Apostolic age or in the age of apostasy? Is our nation still a Christian nation under God's protection? Do we... more

Pray these prayers along with us to break the power of the lies that give place to sexual sin and strongholds. How do you know if you are having normal sexual thoughts, are in sexual sin or have a sexual stronghold? Learn to discern fleshly... more

How do you know if an unrevolvd conflict is causing a stronghold? What is my responsibility to resolve a relationship conflict if the other person will not try to rebuild? Is it OK for them to avoid me forever? What if they blame me even... more

I have asked many of my students to draw a picture of themselves (including their body, soul and spirit) and to locate Jesus and their flesh in the picture. Most people picture Jesus as separate from them, although they believe they have... more

Join us for discussion about strongholds. God's plan is for you to be free to receive His love and to love Him, yourself and others as yourself. Satan's plan is to cause you to have stress, hurt, to be broken hearted or to feel... more

We can all use some encouragement as we focus on outstanding Bible characters and why they are encouraging to us today. Please call 917-388-4683 and share where to find your favorite character in the Bible and why you admire them.... more

Why are some people so passionate about the gift of speaking in tongues while others oppose it? Why did Apostle Paul say he spoke in tongues more than them all? Does the Bible say tongues unlock mysteries? Benefit the speaker?... more

TALK ABOUT ENCOURAGEMENT!! After spending 5 days at King Jesus International Ministry, where the MAJORITY of the members are being mentored to be mentors (being discipled to make disciples) I have seen what Jesus... more

Prophecy is easily seen in the news since the blood moons. Peace talks put off? Troops to eastern Europe. A new EU superstate? Russia and it's Jews. Ebolla outbreak or plague? Two Christian teens crucified. Unborn babies hung by their... more

Do you believe in Jesus' resurrection power for tough cases and to set captives free? From being broken hearted? Survivors of sexual abuse? Mind control? Programming? Fear of trauma? Dissociattive Identity Disorder? Post traumatic... more
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