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Critters Anonymous

Critters Anonymous


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Critters Anonymous explores our interaction with our pets amongst other wildlife, be it birds, fish or reptiles and looks how to develop reciprocal relationships with these creatures. This ranges from basic care and advice through to spiritual interaction and guidance.

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The reindeer man in red and white isn't just about a famous drinks brand. A certain mushroom fly agaric is also (apparently) red and white and the reindeer herder tribes used it instead of alcohol to enhance their dreams and visions.... more

This show is about a number of circus and zoo elephants most of whom met a sticky, cruel end. For more information see the article on our website www.piesnpeas.org. We discuss the life of these noble beasts.

Despite it being illegal, bear baiting still goes on today in parts of Pakistan and in Canada bears are killed for their skins. Horrible cruel animal sports have been going on for thousands of years. We look at this on our show.

This show looks at the very real hauntings of a selection of very bizarre animal Hauntings. The ghost bear at the Tower of London, the Highgate Chicken Ghost, The ghost white rabbit of Warren Lodge and several more..

OK - Are all meat eating animal lovers hypocrites? Some people have made Infrasound Slaughterhouse music to catch the vibes of dead meat animals. pain or pleasure, what do YOU think?

Camberley kate was a world famous lady who took in enormous amounts of stray dogs. A real eccentric, she appeared on NBC as well as being featured in Time magazine. Dog Jewls latest plus dubious dog charities.

Rumpus the 5 year old harlequin Great Dane appeared along with his eight year old mother Lava in four of Lady GaGa's pop videos. The prize winning dog was found dead in October 2009 after a long hike what happened to him? See also... more

In April 2009 the 400 year old dried up remains of two cats buried alive were found in the walls of two separate cottages.. the poor animals had been buried alive by builder to ward of witches and bad spirits.

The Cornwall Owl man has red eyes is half man half owl and hangs out near a church on 'Morgawrs' mile'. the Saltaire criptid is a 3ft tall critter with red eyes. Who mutilates the cattle, world over? is it Jim Keith's Black Helicopters agents?... more

All the big wigs behind the New World Oreder have already used animals in Mind control Experiments. donkeys and Birds have been used as electronic spies.