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Unblocking the Road to Richness #1

  • Broadcast in Lifestyle



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There are many factors to having richness in your life. Money and finances are definately one item. But for true richness we have to look at other areas of life: Relationships, our purpose/career, our health and fitness and also our future/aging. Most of us can be doing pretty well in one area but are lacking in another. The key to ultimate riches and richness is to identify and correct the areas that are weakening us. How do we do that? Consciously we all want better relationships and more money or a different job but we feel stuck, we can't move forward. This is because our subconcious programming won't allow it. The subconcious is the blueprint that dictates our actions in life. If you want to be rich but always are broke it's because the subconcious is programmed for brokeness. These programs have been "downloaded" on us by our life experience. Our parents, friends and teachers are all factors here. It isn't their fault because their programming is mucked up as well. Now for the cool part. YOUR PROGRAMMING CAN BE CHANGED ON THE SPOT. Like a computer, if your mind has a corrupt file you can just delete it. Afterall, you are the most powerful computer ever invented. To change these programs all we need to do is identify the weak file and delete it off your "hard drive", your Central Nervous System. This system consists of your brain, brain stem, spinal cord and spinal column. This is Master Control. All information (energy) that runs your body is controlled and managed here. So it makes sense, if you want to change your life, you have to change your programming. My special talent is being able to identify these weaknesses in your body, mind and spirit and correcting them so they no longer weaken you. The change is immediate resulting in the elimination of pain, getting you unstuck, and unblocking the path that allows abundance and richness to flow into you life effortlessly. It's nothing short of amazing what we can do. Join me and experience it yourself.