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Palestinian problem - Illegal aliens - Isis lowdown - Hitlery LIES again

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Tonite (7.09.2014) we dealt with these problems:

The Palestinian problem. This round of violence was started by benny yahu and the Mossad who murdered the three edomite (jewish) teens.

The lowdown on Isis. NO legitimate Muslim freedom fighter group would call itself Isis. That is the name of an Egyptian goddess. Isis is a terrorist group created by the CIA, MI-6 and the Mossad just as al qaeda (al CIAda) was.

The illegal alien crisis.  Thousands of children are illegally entering America from Central America to make barry soetoro and the democrats look bad. This will help swing votes to the GOP which will give it control of the Senate. The other scandals of the Kenya CRIME Syndicate - NSA, IRSS, Benghazi, Fast & Furious, VA and drone murders - will destroy the Dems in November. The stock market crash in October will be the icing on the cake for the GOP.

The LIES of Hitlery. Hitlery claims a judge order her to defend a rapist even though she asked to not be given the case. LIE! She worked for the Rose Law Firm, a private company. No judge in America can order a lawyer of a private firm to defend a criminal. He cannot even order a lawyer in the District Attorney's office to do that. It is the job of the DA to assign lawyers in his office to defend accused criminals who cannot afford a lawyer. Hitlery LIED again!

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