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Hitlery LIES - Benghazi - How to win the War on Drugs - VA scandal - IRSS crime

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Tonite (6.24.2014) we covered:

The LIES of Hitlery. She claims she is NOT rich even though she and SIKO are in the top .01%! They are in the top 1/100th of the top 1%! SIKO said they go to the local grocery store on weekends and talk to people. They could rent a 2 BR apartment and live in it for one year on an income of $54,000 (the median family income in America) to see how the average American family lives. Will they ever do that? NO!!! They HATE the American suckers and LIE to them every chance they get! They laugh and mock all Americans knowing that 99% are too stupid and too gullible to see through their satanic LIES and hypocricy. Hitler Jr. also claims that she and SIKO earned every penny they have made. They earned NOTHING! Neither has ever worked a real job for even one day in their miserable, hellish nightmares existences! They are parasites who live off of gullible suckers and their billionaire masters - the ROTTENfellers, bushes and ROTTENshield CRIME family.

Hitlery was also intimimately involved in the assassination of Ambassador Stevens.

The current War on Drugs is a fake war. A real war can be won in 25 hours.

Key criminals in the VA falsified records and kept veterans waiting for critical treatment for months resulting in the deaths of dozens of vets.

IRSS claims two hard drives crashed that contained vital emails so they threw them in the trash. Tech companies can recover data from crashed hard drives with ease. The IRSS criminals destroyed incriminating evidence. The emails are also stored on servers like Yahoo, MSN, Google, etc. and can be retrieved. The NSA collects every email in the world and they can also retrieve them. The individuals who sent  and received the emails also have them on their computers. The IRSS LIED and are trying to trick the GOP and WE THE PEOPLE!

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