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FBI & NSA peeping Toms - Michael Moore & NObamacare - Snowden

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Tonite (1.02.2014) we covered:

The perverts at the FBI who activate webcams in computers and watch people in the privacy of their own homes. The pervs at the NSA and CIA also peep on people.

Michael Moore admits NObamacare is no good and is pushing for a single-payer system. NObama care was designed to fail so the U.S. Corp. can ram through a total monopoly by the U.S. Corp. over the Health Non-care industry.

James Woolsey calls for the hanging of Patriot Snowden.

Doctors murdered millions of mothers because they did not know about bacteria. Millions of women have died of Puerperal Fever (Childbed Fever) because doctors did not bother washing their hands when they helped women give birth. Bacteria on their hands infected the uterus and then killed the mothers. Ignaz Semmelweis discovered this back in 1847

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