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Sandy Hook 911 tapes - 911 attack - Oklahoma City bombing - Boston bombing

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Tonite (12.04.2013) we delved into:

The new 911 tapes of the CIA attack upon the Sandy Hook Elementary school were released. It has been nearly one year. If adam lanza was the sole shooter these tapes would have been released a few weeks after the shooting NOT one year later. Some of the parents filed a lawsuit to keep the tapes secret. They were commanded to file the lawsuit by the CIA

If we were living in a free country the 911 tapes and ALL of the police dispatch tapes would have been made available to the public so WE THE PEOPLE could decide if the "official" story was the true story.This should have been done after the Oklahoma City bombing, the 911 attack by the Bush CRIME family and after the Boston bombing.The video tapes will NEVER be released because the "official" story of those FALSE FLAG events is a fantastic LIE!

Timothy McVeigh was a patsy as well as Terry Nichols.

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